Sheepish Exhibitionism ’07

August is that month of the year when you find yourself wondering why wearing panties after all? Back then, in 2007, we planned a trip without the kids, only the two of us. In one word, twas an “escape.” Hubby told me to leave my panties behind because, you know, what purpose do they serve? I know, I know, they’re a good defense line against cold and mosquitoes, or ticks, or… But wait! There’s no cold in August and I was determined to take the risk in regard to the bugs of the forest.

Merry to pose naked in a public place (a first for me), to flash my pubic triangle over hills awaiting to be flooded at anytime by the next bus with tourists, I felt a tickling of excitement, hearing the dispute between the sheepish “me” — nagging myself with “what if” questions — and the exhibitionist “me” — confidently answering with as many “why not” dares.

That was the summer, of 2007, when I chose to embrace a new hobby: being a nude model, first for my husband and then, gradually, for friends of his, some of our neighbors and, eventually, for the world wide web. It’s like a soft sport, gives you a new purpose and makes you enjoy your body, be confident in yourself, live another life!
Love this hobby,

Totally amateurish pictures, from our private collection. The complete “retro” gallery is available on or

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