Sweet Lady of Fantasy

Sharing with you a poem by Thomas Christensen.

Oh, Sweet Lady of Fantasy,
must you have this effect on me?
Though I don’t know how you are
I have worshiped you from a far.
The vision of your lovely face
occupies a most special place.
I want to hold you in my arms
to experience your many charms.
I want to taste your honeyed lips
and caress your cheek with my fingertips.
I want to love you openly
so all my passions can be free.
But, alas, you do not express
these same desires that I do possess.


Tomorrow on DorisDawn.eu – inspiring a neighbor…

Thomas further wrote me that I’m allowed to publish his poem, he wants to send more and that I inspire him. 🙂

“I respect you are devoted to your husband. He is a very lucky man. The poem I sent you is for the fantasy you represent in the photos and videos. I hope you will allow me the honor to send more poems for you to read and enjoy. Thank you for being so inspiration.

Your friend,


Dear Thomas, Your poems inspire me as well. Please send me more romantic verses!

3 thoughts on “Sweet Lady of Fantasy

      1. Cool, hin und wieder denke ich ja auch daran, wie ich die eine oder andere Szene aus deinen Bildern/Filmen fotografisch Umsetzen würde. Du beflügelst halt die Fantasie … 😉

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