Slender September

Have you heard of Bon Prix? I love them! Especially when the mailman rings to bring me a new little soft pack from them. Minutes later I am out probing my new black blue bustier.

Bon Prix may do good to the body, but Thomas Christensen writes lovely poems for the soul. Presenting you the latest three, or four…

My Friend

Is it possible to feel affection
for someone you hardly know?
Or, is this a case of infatuation
like those from my youth long ago?

With your intelligent hazel eyes,
and your playful mischievous smile.
you have succeeded to revitalize
the compassion I lost for a while.

With fondness, to you, this verse I send
in the hope, I shall become your friend.



May I please seduce you?
Taste the sweet nectar of your lips?
Embrace the warmth of your charms?
Whisper into your sensitive ear
gentle words of endearment?
Are you willing to tell me
how I should explore
your erogenous treasures?
I promise to be gentle.
I vow to be loving.
Do I have you intrigued?


Adult Parody

I love your little pussy
with her tuft of soft fur
Give her a gentle caress
hear a sensuous purr
She’ll then stretch herself
and show pink lips that glisten
Whenever she wants to play
it’s hard not to listen


Conundrum of the Bellybutton

I have this unique fetish that worships all alone
The Only Politically Correct Erogenous Zone

Whereas, the Average Shmoe will just shamelessly stare
at the callipygian orbs of your rolling derriere

To steal a lingering glimpse down your decollete
for many a Peepin’ Tom is a voyeuristic matinee

Others believe lusting for your genitalia
is their salacious passage to amourous regalia

For this lonely naivete to achieve titillating bliss,
Tantalizing Seductress, Please reveal your umbilicus!


Navel poses for you  here – click on SC Videos to see the 8-minute-long video “Black Blue Bustier” | &


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