Birthday Suit

For decades I celebrated my birthdays in various dresses, skirts or plain jeans. And it was okay. Starting with my 42nd birthday, in September 2007, I wished to also party in my birthday suit. Sounds pretty obvious: to happily enjoy your birthday in your comfortable skin, like when you first arrived here, no?

It’s been my eighth birthday in my birthday suit, posing for the camera, showing myself. Usually these naked birthdays of mine take place in the morning, because in the afternoon kids and relatives and friends come, or call, to congratulate me and, for the social sake, I put a new dress on me… One that makes me feel good… And still, if I give it a second thought, I feel best au naturel – textile free!

Gently hover the mouse over an image and patiently wait for the year to appear on your screen. Find me in my 49th Birthday Suit on

11 thoughts on “Birthday Suit

  1. You look positively amazing, my friend. Your luscious body is absolutely flawless. Thank you for sharing your sensuality.

    1. Well, I’m far away from being “absolutely flawless” but I got your message. Glad that you like seeing me naked, together with my inherent imperfections. Nobody’s perfect, right?
      Thanks much for writing,
      Doris πŸ™‚

      1. Either way you excite me big time! but your your nude body makes me sooo excited so many parts of you are so HOT! wow

    1. Well I sure enjoy you in diffrent stages of dress and undress your so sexy no matter how you pose and look just makes me drool thinking how hot you are very enjoyable to the eyes and other parts here as well πŸ™‚

    1. Oh wow you enjoy 69-in is soooooo hot hmm. I like doggy and her on top cause cause like in your case seeing her sexy ass would keep me rock hard and if you were on top those very sexy small tits of yours would get me sooooo good cumming for sure but with a body like yours any position be cool

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