Play the Clitar!

There are times when you just need to be vulnerable. Holding strong positions is a good thing. Do it wisely to consolidate your path throughout this life! But indefinitely keeping these positions, especially the outdated ones, may backfire. And you don’t wish to lose, mainly the battles that you can’t win. Mothers know what I’m talking about, possibly some fathers too.

Prayer is my best method to stay connected, to escape the emptiness of panic and despair. Then my friends listened and encouraged me. Sharing, at the same time, their anxieties. So I knew that I’m not alone with myself, not lost on a forsaken island over the gloomy abyss. We are more housewives, and mothers, in pain. Talking to each other, we redistribute our personal pains. Collectively, it hurts less.

Hubby, always here for me, supportive as you know him, cheered me up, day and night. Out of his magic satchel of recipes (supplementing, romantic movie watching, lovemaking, etc.), he presented me a photo. Yes, often times he surprises me with such a simple, trivial, thing. Looking at the image, I saw a naked lady, lying down on the sofa, legs wide open against a curious camera. “Nice,” said I, “is this the theme for our next photo shooting?”

Smiling, he answered that besides the photo shooting (yes) he wanted to see me get loose in a new erotic video. “How far?” I’ve asked, bit scared. “Show the world that you can masturbate, my dear bunny,” implied he – knowing that I hardly can reach an orgasm without his intervention. “Okay, I’ll do it!” Aware of my dare, I could see his eyes wide open. “Aha! You’ve expected me to resist. But I’m too tired resisting. I wish to let it go.”

Which I did. The results were amazing, immediate and durable. It’s all on my newest sex tape, called “Play the Clitar!” and available only on

But!, two weeks later, Vimeo removes my video. Here’s the Vuier link:


2 thoughts on “Play the Clitar!

  1. so beautiful to caress from your pretty feet to your sweet caressable breasts while tongue teasing your sweet pretty clitar

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