The Garden

If you read this, then you know my blog, and my videos. I’m happy writing and filming and you are probably happy reading and watching. Gardening, as a hobby, comes amongst my many joys. Most likely you had the chance to watch some of my videos in the garden – if not yet (!) then here’s your remedial link to DorisDawn on Vimeo.

Still, I wish to show you another video about The Garden, a video without me but with a spectacular, yet simple, perspective. It impressed me because, coincidentally, what this video shows is what my eyes observe in my own garden. There’s no connection between me and the author of this video, nor between our gardens – have discovered him on Vimeo.

Would you be so kind to take one minute and watch this shortfilm by Tom Young, from Beyond the Riverbank? A minute full of wonders. A glimpse into the details of beauty. Because, you know, there are so many beauties out there, besides the nude feminine one. πŸ™‚ If you agree with me, then please like the Shortfilm: The Garden, from Beyond the Riverbank. There’s a cute white heart top right, click on that to make it blue!

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