Can We Counteract the Pornification of Sex Through Tech? / Medium

Written by Julia Vallois-Greenberg for Medium. Originally published October 8, 2014. 

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“Can We Counteract the Pornifictaion of Sex Through Tech?

The answer to the above question is, according to my good friend and teacher/counselor of kids with behavioral issues, sadly…No. We had a long debate about what technology has done to sex and the mere mortals that live within its confines. I proposed to her that there must be a way to counteract the pornifictaion of sex and that I am going to do it through tech (big dreams over here). I explained to her that nowadays, the pornification of sex seems omnipresent and constantly at our fingertips given our recently added appendage of smart phones, tablets etc. (Starting at an alarmingly young age she reminded me). I should note that for my graduate thesis I researched the cultural constructions of femininity and female sexuality using marketing and advertising…

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