Sugar Plum Fairy

After sending the twins to their school, spent the morning writing my first post on Medium. Sharing with you just an excerpt of it.

Exploring and loving your body is not wrong. Giving in to risky passions is. Not educating the young generations about the responsibilities following sexual intercourse is catastrophic! While England struggles to shape “The Great Wi-Fi Wall” across Starbucks and McDonald’s, young lads (and lasses) would give an arm and a leg just to break a peeping hole through it. This is not education! The world is more than worried mothers and reckless children. And the children are doing what they always do: grow up! The big question remains: can we, the adult generation, train them, the underage generation, to see the reality, the nature, the beauties of creation, before the fantasy, the pretense and the inelegance of the social trade?

Cindy Gallop thinks that, yes, we can!

Then I had to do some Google+ work for another honorable business. And then I made up my mind: a shame to waste this Golden October noon on chores and indoor works. Asking my Fotomann for a drive, he took me over the fields, in the middle of an empty road (well, not always empty) where I posed and waltzed…

Eventually, hubby asked me for a noon blow job in (or around) the car. But I said no! Gotta get lunch ready for the twins, before they’ll return from their school. Tomorrow morning I’ll give him the well-deserved head. 🙂

Expressive high resolution photos of my frugal moments from today’s noon raid over the fields – find them only on! (48 of them…)


3 thoughts on “Sugar Plum Fairy

  1. Cooler Einstieg … da kommen mir immer wieder Gedanken, wie ich es in Aufnahmen umsetzen könnte: Ein Kleid und du tanzt für dich allein auf der Strasse … 😉


      1. 😀

        … ich habe zu danken. Deine Filme geben mir Input … ideal wäre, sie dann auch mit dir umzusetzen, zumal ich sie analog und in schwarzweiss denke 😉


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