Go Back to the Porn Ghetto!

When I was a kid, on November 7, they celebrated the “great revolution of october” (all caps small on purpose) with military parades burning Diesel through the Red Square, wooden tongued speeches saying nothing and local leaders publicly sending their congratulations to their Big Brother in the East. A sad and depressing festive day it was.

Yesterday evening, I got an email from Vimeo announcing me that my account has been removed (for the second time). “Reason: Uploading videos that contain pornography or sexually explicit material, explicit depictions of nudity or sexual acts, or that seem primarily focused on sexual stimulation.” This was reason enough to remind me of the long forsaken black and white TV memories of the Ostblock.

Have you heard about the red flag? No, not that bloody socialist cloth of discord, but the tiny icon you find next to any video you watch on social media. This beneficial instrument of regulation is of great value. Without the flagging system, the internet would look like a toxic rubbish mount of lunacy… a Kafkaesque landfill. Not that it doesn’t, to some extent.

Filtering your tap water is a good idea for your health. Filtering your net connection is an even better one for your children, and for your mental health. A filter installs a set of gates prior to delivering the data to your screen. When a certain content is marked as suitable only for mature audiences, then the system will filter it out from anyone, allowing it only to viewers who specifically demand to view “mature” labeled content.

All my videos on Vimeo were labeled as “mature” by default. Makes sense. It is how they were conceived in the first place: not suitable for work or non adult audiences. Still someone felt offended enough to flag me. More than once. This does not seem incidental. Reminds me of the comrades of yore, filling reports with jokes they have had heard from colleagues; handling them to the state polit-police after they had laughed their heads off. During the eighties, the consequences were harsher than today. But the spirit of purposely flagging for no reason remains the same.

God willing (and Reagan gaming) the wall fell on November 9, 1989. Sunday, we’ll celebrate a quarter century of freedom. Times change, human nature doesn’t.

This is the sad note of a weekend starting on a dark November 7 and ending on a bright November 9!

The Vimeo moderation team still takes a closer look at all of my banned videos. I’ve politely asked them to reopen my account because I do like Vimeo. It’s an excellent video sharing platform. I’ll keep my statement even if they decide to ban me forever from their realm of wonders. In this while, I’ve just uploaded a short, down and dark, slow and serious video on Youtube. This sums up the weekly news (and newsletter) as follows: it does not matter if you are a faithful wife, a loving mother, a decent person, don’t you ever dare turn more visible, don’t you dare cross the fine lines, don’t you dare express your femininity, don’t you dare have a sex positive perspective, don’t you dare! You’ve been flagged… Go back and hide in the “porn” ghetto!!


4 thoughts on “Go Back to the Porn Ghetto!

  1. Ärgere dich nicht, auch wenn es ärgerlich ist. Die Ami’s haben ein anderes Weltbild. Sie finden toll, dass jeder ein Recht auf Waffenbesitz hat, Menschen hingerichtet werden, Alkohol ab 21 sein darf und Nacktheit ein No Go ist. Sie interessieren sich nicht für die Lebensgeschichte derer, die einen Teil ihres Lebens in Unfreiheit gelebt haben, legen deshalb ihren Maßstab auf uns an.

    Lass Dich nicht beirren, erkläre Dich und Deine offene Art Sexualität zu leben und für andere erlebbar zu machen einfach als Kunstobjekt. 😉

    Liebe Grüsse aus dem Osten Deutschlands
    Ronald 😀

    1. Es war nur ein trauriger Tag, 😥 gestern. Aber heute bin ich glücklich! Wenn sich eine Tür vor uns schließt, öffnet sich eine andere. 😛
      Vielen Dank!!
      Liebe Grüße aus Südungarn

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