A Cinderella Fetish

Exactly one week ago, prejudice and offense had my Vimeo account banned — about half a year of work and videos axed. If you take the time (no little thing, could be hours) to read the terms of use of many sites, not just Vimeo, you’ll notice the ambiguity regarding sexually suggestive content.

On one hand, all tube sites crave for higher traffic. This is music for them. Intimately, everyone knows that nudity stirs interest and sex sells. Driven by instinct, viewers come and bring traffic to the tube.

On the other hand, sex negative attitudes split in two extremes: either anti-sex (no sex is good enough to talk about) or porn-sex (utopian and painful boyish fantasies).

What matters first and foremost is traffic to the tube (but “don’t you dare make your own traffic from us!”). What also matters is having an ear for flaggers and using their rants as good excuses when ambiguity of terms and definitions needs a push. Life is not fair, got used to this decades ago. So then, for heaven’s sake, why am I sobbing still?

I’m not! This is just a narrative building the case for this post. Today I am Cinderella! Back to the porn ghetto… This new video titled “Trimmed Grass” is sheltered by RedTube. Watch the full video, after the cut!, exclusively on CougarBunnies.com


Sorry, you gotta click that link out, cannot embed Redtube videos into WordPress – not allowed, outside-ghetto policy! And ah, you probably don’t like the ads on the side, the below, the bottom, or even right on top of the video when you pause it. They are profuse, brazen, reminding me of a Seinfeld dialog comparing man’s body to a functional machine (“like driving a Jeep”) as opposed to the woman’s body: “a beautiful work of art.”

Redtube is about how men see women in general. Not necessarily a loved one, a named one, but more likely the concept of women circulating up and down the visceral neuron of cavemen carrying smart phones instead of bats. Nothing wrong! This is what men are, down to one of their inner selves. See? I didn’t say “down to their inner self” because I know that there are more than one. The caveman is not alone down there!

On Redtube I mow the lawn – in my latest video; I play the clitar – in another verboten video trailer; I have my nude gymnastics for voyeurs and I shower on Mozart. Only four videos uploaded by me on Redtube, so far. Five times less than on Youtube or my late Vimeo account. Why? Because Redtube looks, for me, as the perfect ghetto of porn. The ultimate caveman’s wonderland! Far from my vision of beauty, intimacy, lovemaking, cuddling, kissing, comforting, good feeling. But this is where I am right now. Redtube did not forbid my account. I’m pretty sure that my videos are way too “lame” or “soft” or “pussy” compared to the potent porn advertised right and left, top and bottom, “pop overs” and “pop unders.” I don’t think (fingers crossed) that Redtube would seek to ban me for being too soft. There’s everything for everyone and that’s a good strategy for a tube site.

If I haven’t degraded myself enough already, this morning I published a dirty foot fetish video on CougarBunnies.com — after walking bare feet on the soil in my garden, came in to clean the floor and the stairs, showing my nudity and my dirty bare feet to the camera.


Psychoanalysts are still philosophizing about the role played by the foot fetish in Cinderella’s story. Rightly so! Though we’d better reflect more on the main scenario: work is purifying and dreams eventually come true, just stay honest to yourself. Women, like men, have their untold fetishes and fears. Silence brings suffering, expression delivers comfort. Praise the porn ghetto!


22 thoughts on “A Cinderella Fetish

  1. That’s very interesting, in Cinderella story there are degrading tasks and usually barefoot walking, but not fully nudity!! sounds a bit humiliating do domestic chores with vaginal nudity, but I will try

    1. Hi Gianna,

      Twas a version of Cinderella, as I am sure that there are more of them out there.
      Doing house chores, especially floor cleaning, in the nude is – as you pointed – all about the humility fetish.
      I enjoy doing both – humble and dominating – fetishes, on request.
      Playing the paradigm in front of the camera.

      Thanks for writing,

  2. I usually play submissive, I love make my man happy, but never made chores nude, barefoot yes, but not nude. I think it will be funny and watching your smile it seems your man loved you as nude cinderella.This week if my man will be tired from work he will ingore me usually, but serving him nude I hope not!

    1. You are right, Gianna. Nudity is such a clear expression of our femininity. When showing up in the nude, he sees the true person that he loves; you allow him to ignore clothes and social regulations; you melt his mind.

      Be his dream that he cannot ignore!!

      Did you have the courage to pose nude for him?

  3. Oh no! I have not your body! You are so beautiful, wel proportioned sexy model, I’m heavy out of shape and out of practice milf, with wide behind, but not tonic. I had beautiful natural breasts, but after several pregnancy and years that are heavy and saggy, so I will feel not confortable posing nude in front of him but I certainly can try to work nude for him!

    1. Dear Gianna,

      Each of us carries her own beauty in a myriad of aspects.
      When (very) young, I had my own insecurities about my little breasts.
      When pregnant with the twins, I weighted 100 kilograms – that was my third pregnancy.

      I had lots of despairs and even today I can remember a list of self-reproaches that I try to forget. But doing my best is not always enough. And I find myself crying out of nothing, when listening to the piano or staring at a memory.

      However, when I leave my clothes behind, I step forward with confidence. These are moments when I don’t care about the past.

      About any wife teasing her hubby, perhaps that a narrow negligee, a subtle string, a genuine garter – little nothings that create the illusion of concealing and revealing – will bring him into a new game of passion.

      What I’m saying is that you can (re)invent an entire universe of seduction between the casual clothing and full nudity.
      Trust me, he will love to sniff the evanescence, he will beg you to seduce him more, and more, and more…

      This word ‘more’ is a central one in the mind of men. Make good use of it!!

      Doris ❀

  4. Very sad about your past suffering and “more” is the word, my prefere word too. My big saggy and heavy breast now could be a punishment for girls envy my big boobs when I was young. Right!
    I had my insecurities about my big body, always joked about, but my man accepted my body more and more. I always love him for it, he loved me without having a beauty sexy wife. It raise more my submission to him, but I love it, I love serve him.
    Therefore, in the years that begin to be too little for me. As seem for you i discover better my sessuality, pass over ordinary limits in love and sex and we tried and make new things. Never dominating, obviously, but now I’m not always on my knees at his feet, As his wife with kids I live in the past as a servant, with house and kids to look after. Now I prefere to be his “slave” and not his servant. I never understood that, but now all is clear for me, and I love it, Our kids are big now and out of home and we are rediscover as a couple

    1. Dear Gianna,

      When I look at the nude art by Rubens, I can admire the beauties in these paintings.
      I’m happy to read that your man has Baroque inclinations and this is what makes you a ‘beauty sexy wife.’

      I can feel your past, serving the kids, because I still have two teens to serve and educate every day. Which is what mothers do.

      On the other hand, after I turned the key in the gate after the kids, I prefer just being served by my man, any way he can. Playing the role of the submissive, as far as he is doing all the moves in bed, is okay with me. But then I’ll play the Domina if he asks.

      Understanding that being his ‘slave’ takes me to a climax of liberty – because he takes all responsibility on him – I still enjoy more when being in control.

      Rediscovering ourselves is what counts.
      Wishing you a Happy Sunday!!

  5. Yesterday was the day!! I cleaned naked the floor and I loved that! He reads his book and his wife clean on knees as a slave, but he appreciated that! I was feeling very good and horny make that in fronto of him!!

  6. I was scrubbing the floor with my big bum fully exposed and he sometimes slaps it for his pleasure…. ouch, but he has fun and order me to clean well under the sofa, exposing more and more my nudities. Well, it was certainly humiliating, he was soflty sit down on the sofa relaxing and the slave/wife working hard naked for his pleasure, And “If I haven’t degraded myself enough already” I had blow him on knees, because he was extremely excited! I loved watching him so excited and I loved in the same time all my efforts for that Sunday, with painful bruised knees and full red spanked bottom. Ouch!!

  7. Thank you for sharing in your wonderful nude experiences, Doris. We love following your stories and share likewise in your nude experiences to at home, cottage and outdoors. Very beautiful pics, too, btw! Jan&Garyβ€πŸ’‹

    1. Hi Jan&Gary,

      Thanks for writing and sharing more of your own exploits.
      Being nude is refreshing and posing nude is exhilarating.
      Happy weekend!! πŸ™‚

      Doris ❀

  8. Too many days without comments and sorry for it, but I pass a lot of days working on my garden so I made a fantastic matting on my fence so I have full covered part in the garden form neighbours.
    Sunday taking advantage from the very hot weather I prepared a fantastic lunch in the garden, serving nude my man, wearing only my new apron!
    I treated him as a King, serving all courses from my kitchen to the garden and It was sexy but very laborious because we have only a little table outside, so at all his needs i had to stand up and take things or drinks and so on. It was very painful too because there is some gravel everywhere and he requests me to serving always barefoot! Ouch!!

    1. No problem. Happy to hear that you’re eating in the garden. We use to have breakfast in the backyard on sunny days. What I like about it, besides the lovely nature, is that he is the one preparing it for me. While I enjoy bare foot walking, he’s not exactly into it.
      Good that you’ve fixed the fence. I know how this is: good fences make for good neighbors πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀ ❀

  9. He enjoy me barefoot, he always tell me I have beautiful feet, but I think he enjoy me in my usually subordinate role, and it seems servants no shoes allowed! He smile and laugh at me challenge walking on gravel, giving me further trips for uneccesary things, but I loved it in every moment because he looks at me with different eyes. yes, ok, I was his slave, but we passed very sexy moments because he touch and slaps me during my services! Love!
    ohhhhh, you are a very lucky woman! Your husband cook for you and give you several underwear and shoes! Instead I have to serve him every moment and I’m lucky when he allows me my old slippers…Injustice is not always bad!

    1. My husband seldom cooks for me, but at breakfast he washes the avocado, peels the garlic, brings the plates, boils water for the tea, little things like this. Then I have to get lunch ready before twins come home from school – so cooking is on me. Sigh…

  10. As housewife I can easily understand that. I know. And it is not simple cook all days. I usually prepare a good and wide lunch, so we can eat the remain things for dinner or for next days for some things.
    But I think you are already lucky with your husband. Now is a game for me, but when we had our sons in house it was always an hell, with one like some things, other like other cook, husband/master love other things too…
    Cooking, cleaning, serving, ironing, I was a real slave.
    Now I game as a slave, and It is a big difference and I really did not know to discover my new life now and I’m happy do it!
    Today I try to ask to my man to wash the avocado….I will reply what he will reply me….

    1. I understand slaving quite a lot, because my twins are typical teenagers. But it’s part of parenting.
      Good that we find the time to play a game or two. πŸ™‚
      Did your hubby wash the avocado?? ❀ ❀ ❀

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