Exuberant Nostalgia by MLNPstar Doris_Dawn


Written by MLNPstar Doris_Dawn

Last week we rented and watched Obadiah27’s first VHS sex video on MLNP.tv.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 5.49.26 PM

A perfect watch for cuddling late in the evening. Forgetting the day to remember of the passionate late ’80s (our early 20s), along with the adventurous early ’90s. Before falling asleep, embraced, I sniff the hair on his chest as invisible wings take me back in time. From the many memories storming my mind, I wish to share just a few with you.

Don’s sky-blue trousers captured my attention in a mountain resort, at the beginning of a summer camp. Hard to miss the rebellious nature in this young mustang – two years younger than me. Wondered what if I tame him to be my personal horse, one to ride for life. Mine alone! Few months later, rumors circulated that I was playing in porn movies. Sturm und Drang! The ambitious good (what am I saying here? exemplary!) girl in…

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