Nylons of November

It seems easy to appear and speak in front of the camera, isn’t it? Well, not exactly. Although many might be inclined to assume otherwise. This morning, I had Don join me for a short presentation in front of the camera. Wished to show him that this is not an effortless endeavor. That he feels more at large behind it. doris-don

Was fun seeing him agitating his hands, the way he used to when we were young… Still, he managed to stay cool. He even amused me. We had a great few minutes presenting our next MLNP video: “Standup Sex or Lovemaking on the Parquet Floor.”

The experiment I’m proposing you here belongs to another November and is called “Venetian Blinds” — had Don behind the camera during the filming. I slowly moved, and undressed, in front of a white wall, in the shadowing strips that could hardly hold the sunshine. The soundtrack is a Sonata by Franz Schubert, interpreted by Paul Pitman and generously available under a Public Domain copyright free license. Two centuries apart, we keep craving for the romance…


Don’t know if you arrived to watch my new welcome video on Cougarbunnies.com

Watch me on CougarBunnies.com

Watch me on CougarBunnies.com

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