The Kind of Capital…

…You have. This matter is often ignored in spiritual topics, as it would had never existed. Perhaps a reminder is expected: before we move up (and out) of mortality, into a blessed and much expected eternity (sort of time beyond time as we know it), we’re still given to deal with the pestilence of this fallen physics. Death is a constant of it, like taxes, metabolism, sex and (yes) the economy. The budget!

All Things Equal

When I was a little girl, I was taught (in Marxist school) that “the family is the basic cell of society.” Socialist or not, societies revolve around families. Monogamous, polygamous, polyamorous, or an unheard-of plain rocker/biker construct, matriarhal or patriarchal, the family remains the atom of human communities.

We are all born equal, the same as we die equal. The entry and exit to/from this world projects us in another set of dimensions, a perspective that we aren’t given to address, or comment, or understand, equally. Our minds differ, same as the places where we had been born, same as the moments of history that we have captured, or missed. Inequality is less a God-given than a man-made aspect of life. I am not militating for the utopia of universal equality. I grew out of this mentality decades ago. Egalitarianism is a two-edged knife. Works for the have-nots judging the rich (where few rich maneuver the poor to hit at competition), but it also works for the prosperous middle classes routinely thinking (and judging) that what one takes for granted in one place, goes the same way in any other place. Egalitarian thinking makes no sense.

Capital is the driving force of the economy for centuries. Capitalists and communists feed from the same bowl, dream of the same wealth, compete on the same field. The Borg of Star Trek would make for a communists’ paradise while The Empire of Star Wars for a capitalist wonderland. In perspective, both concepts are abominations because they deem themselves too important to cater to the individual. Pride and power coming first.

Ask yourself what Jesus would do!

Passive Income

In our family, my man is the dreamer and I am the thinker. He is the artist lucky to have a wife with a good head on her shoulders. Yes, sounds like bragging – will clear this down below. We are both very close to enter our fifties. Two of our kids already on their own. The other two in their frenzy teens. We keep living from a month to another. It was worse before and we pray that, if “worst” comes, never to be less than it is now.

Have you heard of passive income? If not (wow!), here you go:

Because of the place where we had been born, because of the personal decisions that we have taken (career + money + power = alienation + soul trauma + animosity), because we found kids more important than abortions, our performance on the passive income field is close to zero. And we’re not young anymore.

Looking for capital in talents, inclinations and ideas, I did what any investor would have done: identifying the potential at hand! When he doesn’t program some front end user interface (aka. working) he writes science fiction (arcane) or he takes nude photos of me, or he just masturbates to whatever porn out there on the internet. When I don’t mother the kids (washing, cleaning, cooking, teaching, worrying), I find my peace in gardening or my frustration in helping him with social media (aka. working). Assessing the “assets” brought me to a logical conclusion: can we run a web operation capable to generate a residual income? Can we invest our kind of capital and retrieve something akin to a modest passive income?

Pussy Play

What is our kind of capital then?

You’ve heard Till Lindemann: “You have a pussy, I have a dick… So what’s the problem?”

And because “getting laid in Germany” is not exactly in our cards, we decided to just share photos and videos of our love making, nothing but photos and videos. Oh yes, plus blogs, stories and ebooks.

Money Hazards

Some said that we’re doing porn. Some flagged and some banned us from Vimeo. Nevertheless, the elusive terminology referring to “porn” is an excuse for the judgmental who have no idea how deeper the “mental porn” would have gone if I’d had stayed a lawyer.

To me, loveless, acted, pornography is an abuse, an excess, a calculated risk – like in any other career! Porn actresses and actors may wish for their dreams to come true – like any human being. Luckily for them, in spite of the numerous risks, not dreaming of power and politics is a bonus. Not even dreaming of making piles of money. I remember reading somewhere what Nina Hartley adviced about anal in “Nina Hartley: Advice for a New Porn Performer.”

“4. If you don’t do something at home for free and for fun, DO NOT do it on camera for money. That goes triple for anal.
A true fan wants to see you have an authentically good time, not a pretend one. ONLY do acts on camera that you already like. If not, there’ll be a record of you having a shit time and the money will be spent. And if you don’t do anal, then Don’t. Do. Anal. Just don’t. Really.”

Plese notice: “the money will be spent.” It means that she’s not talking big money (who is?) and that no money on earth are worth more than your good health. A coal miner would face occupational hazards too, but there’s no moral police to judge him. Probably because no man masturbates over a coal miner’s work. And this brings us closer to psychology.

A Head to Think With

If you judge me, then you’re judging yourself. If you are more righteous than me, then great for you! I have no intention to compete with you, on your field, to become more righteous than you are. My goals are way more modest. Such as paying another bill, buying another pair of winter boots for my twins, filling the fridge, etc. Why don’t you judge the coal miner risking his lungs to bring you heat in the house? Why condemn the “sluts” on your computer screen? If the warmth and relaxing in your pants won’t ping a happy note in your heart and mind, then who’s to blame? The photos and videos of perfect strangers on the web? Blame anything, and anyone, but yourself.

“Socrates said: To find yourself, think for yourself. The first step in thinking for yourself is to acknowledge that you are not thinking for yourself. In order to think more clearly, you must look at the world of mass media with fresh eyes unimpeded by fleeting trends and the accepted, collective opinion.”

Chloe Thurlow writing about the benefits of thinking for ourselves. A practical way to notice planks and straws. An intimate way to prevent stone casting and such.

Out of the Box

Now my darlings, after a long busy autumn, I managed to write more than a photo description or a two paragraphs blog blurb, finally. This long article mentions of communists and capitalists, of Rammstein’s Till Lindemann and candid Chloe Thurlow, of Nina Hartley giving advice to new porn performers, and of morality.

School and society teach us to divide our perception of reality in mental boxes. To hide or reveal this or that “box” according to the signals displaying on the billboards or in the media. To think like consumers, supporters or happy guinea pigs. To follow the collective trend. See why I keep saying that communism and capitalism are two faces of the same coin?

Think with your own mind so you can appreciate what others had invested, because that is what they have at hand, because the kinds of capital are uneven. Never were.

Think for yourself: David danced naked in public (II Kings,6.20-22) — to thank God; Tamar dressed herself as a harlot, seduced her father-in-law — to keep the line of Judah going; shall I mention Esther or should I stop short? Not to cross the line of sexy…

What would Jesus do to small “investors” thinking out of the box – or at least of one box alone?


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    1. My school was only two minutes from my block of flats. It was orange – feeling warmer than the grey of all the blocks surrounding it. Twas a sports school with two hours of training every morning… 🙂

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