Juicy cuts: The makelovenotporn.tv team / LynseyG


Written by Lynsey G for LynseyG.com.  Originally published November 25th, 2014.

“Here are some more of the sweetest, juiciest cuts from my interviews for Bitch Magazine‘s Love/Lust issue! Today, my talk with the MakeLoveNotPorn.tv team as a whole. Cindy Gallop (Founder & CEO), Sarah Beall (Madam Curator), Oonie Chase (Experience Goddess). We strayed a bit from the topic of financing, but I mean… come on. This is crazy-interesting stuff! We talked about validation through real-world sex, the new vocabulary of sex they’re giving the world, and decison-making while aroused.

The MakeLoveNotPorn.tv team. (Image from MakeLoveNotPorn.tv)

Sarah Beall: What we’re doing isn’t “niche” and it isn’t meant to be “niche.” Because sexuality is such a huge part of the human experience. We’re open to anybody who wants to see real-world sex online, and real-world sex that has been vetted to make sure that it’s consensual and free…

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