Chocolate Coated Mint

One more excerpt from the love-mail that I’ve got in my little inbox. πŸ™‚

Now you just know I’m loving your update 165. You brought your sexiness of with some poetry of your own! Usually I’m the one writing it to you. Doris, in that update you’re looking simply amazing. That green lingerie on you… wow! I don’t know how you do it… your luscious body gets better by the year… especially those legs. Must be working them out. Anyway, your gorgeous and your sexy elegance is truly appreciated because not many women can work the camera the way you do. Please continue those bare legs updates… gotta love em!


Short days, long nights,
I’m staring on the window.
Frosty air, dim lights,
A cloud crossing its shadow.

Boldly, I strip naked
With lights on in the chamber.
A passerby looks up elated
A view of mine to remember.

Craving for the mint
Wrapped inside the coat of chocolate.
I bite with a hint
Legs open to you, there slips a droplet.

For more, watch The Mint Amidst the Coat of Chocolate.

One thought on “Chocolate Coated Mint

  1. I love 167 Doris is so beautiful and sext teasing like that……so pretty and inviting to join and caress that sweet soft body

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