Blue Monday & Nude Work Day

Yesterday evening, I hear that we’re in luck! Five more hours and the Blue Monday will be history. Oh well, but what is a Blue Monday after all?

Blue Monday is a name given to the Monday of the last full week of January, purported to be the most depressing day of the year as part of a 2005 publicity campaign by Sky Travel.

The concept is considered pseudoscience,[1] with its formula derided by scientists as nonsensical.

I get it, mid-winter depression. Superposing a couple of post-holiday circumstances with cold rain and nine-to-five monotony, spraying some capital letters on a fraction and using one’s good contacts in the mass media, few of these and few of those, has made the Monday blue. But correlation is not causation.

My blue, yesterday, Monday, commenced (must admit) with a disheartening ear pressure. I thought of a way to get rid of it when hubby proposed sex before breakfast. That’s for me!, said I, the probable solution to my discomfort. Nearly an hour later, I was another woman: one of the deepest, and longest, orgasms in known memory (definitely the best of 2015! – no big deal here) had my fluids (up and down) processed and in motion. If someone would had asked me “how about this Blue Monday?,” I’d have replied “how about this September Sunday?”

No one asked though and I dressed to roam about downtown with little errands, mostly paperwork topped with a few kilos of apples, some parsley and garlic from the corner shop. Back home, I’ve found our daughter — she just returned from a charming weekend in the Alps — telling us pretty little histories about the von Trapp family and Mozart. The twins, when they came back from school, were thrilled by the presents she brought them and by her presence as well. Evidently, the lunch was a “Sunday lunch” — as twins had it coined time ago. In other words, our Blue Monday lunch looked so similar to a Second Sunday because, you know, what’s better than a Sunday? Another Sunday, next day!

Shortly afterwards, I get paid (long awaited moment). Couple of hours later, I take my kids to attend a school piano concert, where my little daughter excelled in her representation. Coming back to my notebook, I’m given to watch this little video.

Makes me wonder why weren’t I so cool, eons ago, when I used to be pregnant…
To cap the day, RTL News brought the “Blue Monday” concept to my attention (never heard of this before); Pro7 saved the science for the people with an accurate report about a poison known as fluoride, the chemical compound thought to prevent cavities but proved a fake and even a life threatening toxin in certain amounts (I knew that for many years); eventually The Simpsons brought me to sleep. What a beautiful Blue Monday I had!

Take the courage... to watch my work at

Take the courage… to watch my work at

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