Epic Intimacy, Naive Nudes

This January was filled with nostalgia, like many others perhaps, but not only! Because I’ve made a resolution to complete my fourth book, titled “Astarte, the Adventure,” or probably because I’ve felt the mind-pressure to write the ideas down, it happened. Two Sundays in a row dedicated to writing. This is a record to remember! Can I say that I got closer? Not sure, but I’m few chapters ahead. Which is good.

The extraordinary team at MakeLoveNotPorn.tv has published three intimate videos of mine: one filmed this September with me masturbating and demanding the immediate help of Don’s tongue to release me (they’ve marked it as ‘EPIC’); a second one filmed in November 2009 (‘RETRO’) and the third filmed in March 2013 (marked as ‘MARRIED  CLITASTIC  OWOWOWHEYNOW  EATME  CHATTY  TENDER  ORGASMIC  DOWNTOWN  FRENZIED  BACKDOOR’ – go figure…).

On Southern Charms there’s an established routine: all Tuesdays and Fridays a new photo set, all Thursdays a new video. Romance and routine don’t always work in harmony, unless they match under the generous roof of Southern Charms, that is.

On CougarBunnies.com I’ve started another nostalgia photo series, called “Naive Nudes” — in anticipation of the video of that very morning, “Sperm & Flowers.”

Today I wish to close January with this cute little video and a retina-ready wallpaper.

Tomorrow I wish to write again, all day long…

Retina-ready wallpaper, 1600x2560 - Doris Dawn.

Retina-ready wallpaper, 1600×2560 – Doris Dawn.

6 thoughts on “Epic Intimacy, Naive Nudes

  1. Doris masturbating and demanding so hot to be Don the sensual scent and sweetness of your pretty rose petals and the feel of your excited nipples as I tease them…..most of all would be your sweet moans of sensual pleasure

      1. oh yes so classy and sensual….love the pretty feet in the sexy shoes teasing….so tempting to remove the shoes to kiss and adore such pretty feet legs and soft sexy thighs……the beautiful look on you later oh to think caressing and kissing your pretty flower would make you so happy……lucky Don

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