Love Stories

Love stories are to be told on Lovers’ Day, with preeminence. But still, they can be told any day. Spoken stories are interesting to listen, written stories are nice to read, yet photographed and filmed stories should be regarded as a treat. Which brings us to the topic.

Today, seven years ago.

Today, seven years ago.

Seven Years Ago – Today!

When I wish to remember something very special about Valentine’s Day, I remember that mild Thursday morning of February 14th, 2008. He took me shopping early on for the regular before-weekend food supplies filling. But he surprised me with some lingerie. Back home, as he unloaded the car, I wished to probe the new nylons. Surreptitiously, his little camera follows me (everywhere). About half an hour later, the incidental photo shooting wraps up beneath the sheets (where I use to get my best quasi-daily present, ever). Shortly thereafter, he drives me to the mall where he tells me to buy what I wish. No limits. Twas a Valentine’s to remember!

Roses, Sex & Chocolate

This is what I usually get on a random Valentine’s. Sounds like any random day? It is because hubby often finds good excuses to make it a “lovers’ day.” From my chest of memories, few photos bring the moments back, more vividly, not particularly related to Feb. 14th, just to more arbitrary lovers’ days when I got sex, cuddling, when I was photographed (or filmed), he gave me roses or chocolate, maybe. Did I mention my romantic bath with tulips and candles?

Loving his camera...

Loving his camera…

The Story Beyond the FairyTale

This is the title of an hour-long movie of ours. We filmed it outdoor and indoor. “The Snuggly Story Behind the Fairy Tale” – A HomePlay in twelve acts that takes the Cinderella paradigm past the typical happy ending, our Snuggly Story dives (literally) in the prosaic of housekeeping and lovemaking. Coming often or coming late, and through much sweat, are no less important moments than cuddling or chatting about daily matters. In one composite word, this is #realworldsex.

"The Story Beyond the Fairy Tale" - as seen on :)

“The Story Beyond the Fairy Tale” – as seen on 🙂


pinklamp He brought me breakfast to bed: crisp rye bread with avocado spreads and sliced cucumbers. He went shopping for the weekend, alone, and brought me this cute pink lamp as a Valentine’s present. He has also crafted this “lovers’ day” graphic, inspired by a photo we took sometime during a hot summer.

Yes, Don holding me!

Yes, Don holding me!

Happy Lovers’ Day to y’all!!!

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