The story or the script? by MLNPstar Doris_Dawn

By MLNPStar Doris of Doris_Dawn.

Mainstream porn rarely follows a story. Most often, the porn film keeps close to the script, or the screenplay. Only a few of the legendary vintage erotic films, such as “Emmanuelle,” are deeply anchored in a story. This heightens the romantic impact on the viewer but, understandably, lowers the hardcore rating of the movie. You can’t have all the love and all the lust in one play, or can you? Actually, no.

Besides the objective contrasts, there are the subjective audiences: men in trucks looking for a quick unload; men in the office going at it, under the desk; men having a break; men here, men there… Men in a hurry! This is what drives the demand towards the silly screenplays of modern porn. Men trying to deal with a crazy society, a crazy boss, or a “lazy” wife? Because if you’re not in a hurry then you must be lazy, right?

Take the porn…

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