Pink Satin

A little more love landing in my inbox.

Just saw your update 176 PINK SATIN… which I think is your best yet. You look incredibly sexy… and naturally it bought out my creativity again…

Satin, silky, and sweet…..
a delicious Valentine treat….
those sexy legs wrapped in those sheets….
such a luscious physique….
wined and dined…
goodness me, lady Dawn is fine….
passion and pink…
her body is worth more than a million dimes….
looking at that body passes the time….
unique and one of a kind….
no doubt, the sweetest valentine!

Hope you liked it.

Liked it? I adore it! Can’t you see?! πŸ™‚
Thanks much and lots of kisses!!

On the bed, between two lights...

On the bed, between two lights…

2 thoughts on “Pink Satin

  1. PRETTY IN PINK Doris what a beautiful sexy classy post……you are so pretty in pink satin and so beautiful out of it

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