Love, a Timeless Spring

Are we art or happenstance? Can happenstance be considered art or just what it is: luck? Is there luck or is there a Creator? A guy with a beard, a pencil or a paint brush, maybe a keyboard or a touchscreen – in 3+n dimensions probably. Do we need religion to see God or does art suffice? What makes one’s faith blossom: the art pursuing beauty or the superstition craving for real or imaginary enemies?

After the Mardi Gras has been consumed (online), came the Ash Wednesday, which we decided to consume just on water, thus adding a second water-only day to our weeks this spring. We’re preparing for a water-only week (or two) long experiment. A local friend of mine told me that she did it last spring and it turned out really good for her. Can’t tell if me and Don will be up to it, for two weeks, but at least we’re exercising. By the end of next month I’ll be able to tell you more.

Back then in the late century, when we used to be religious people, after escaping the communist madness, we observed lents more strictly, and blindly. Time, and aging, taught us to filter ancient traditions through the grid of healthy living, of a new lifestyle: partly urban, partly agrarian; sedentary by the nature of the online work yet active by the nature of the other online passionate hobby (if I’m about to pose nude on the internet, then only health can make an acceptable art out of it).

There is the sacred and profane paradigm ingrained in any human. Even a professed atheist has to fill his sacred rooms with some idols of sorts. One said that if you don’t believe in God then you may believe in anything else. Which is true: humans have to believe in something. And because some are smarter than others, they have invented religions and cults, sects and parties, corporations and countries, blocks and trends. In one word, they’ve invented politics.

If God is an artist, then He must be disgusted by politics. Michelangelo believed that God is an artist, therefore he painted his visions through the eyes of an artist. Even if that has enraged the politicians of the day.

The Last Judgement was an object of a bitter dispute between Cardinal Carafa and Michelangelo. Because he depicted naked figures, the artist was accused of immorality and obscenity. A censorship campaign (known as the “Fig-Leaf Campaign”) was organized by Carafa and Monsignor Sernini (Mantua’s ambassador) to remove the frescoes.

The Pope’s Master of Ceremonies Biagio da Cesena said “it was most disgraceful that in so sacred a place there should have been depicted all those nude figures, exposing themselves so shamefully, and that it was no work for a papal chapel but rather for the public baths and taverns,”[27] In response Michelangelo worked da Cesena’s semblance into the scene as Minos, judge of the underworld. It is said that when he complained to the Pope, the pontiff responded that his jurisdiction did not extend to hell, so the portrait would have to remain. Michelangelo also painted his own portrait, on the flayed skin held by St Bartholomew.

The genitalia in the fresco were later covered by the artist Daniele da Volterra, whom history remembers by the derogatory nickname “Il Braghettone” (“the breeches-painter”). – By Мікеланджело; Michelangelo (власне фото (by Qypchak)) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Sounds familiar? Have we considered that man and woman, as a work of art, have had no clothes, wandering naked through an indefinite, timeless, garden? Until they’d entered politics, which brought up the provision of wearing clothes, to hide their sinful machinations…


Wish to share with you a few bits mailed by a good friend from the Snowy States of America. He writes about spring and love. I love to listen, because it’s in the air!

Thank you again for being such wonderful friends.
I hope all is good for you.
Let’s both think spring, and dream of the warmth once again.
Take care my friends.

I look forward to all your lovely posts in the next year.
Never stop showing the world what true love is.
The world needs to stop seeing porn, but needs to see true love.


Hi Doris. I would be honored if you used my comments in your blog. It may help those who view your wonderful sites as porn to see there is another point of view. When I look at your sites I see what love between two people should be. I see how both you and Don worship each other. Too often with people you just see their fighting, and trying to destroy each other. What you and Don have is something very special. I am sure you have your disagreements, but your love is so true and strong it overcomes those problems. Too many have not found that special bond that you have found to hold their relationships together. What you are giving us is a view in how to find that bond. I hope many others in the weeks, months, and years to come find your wonderful sites to see what love really is. I remember telling you long ago that I felt there was a very special reason God did not clothed Adam and Eve in The Garden of Eden. I feel it was to teach us how to love. If more couples would just get naked, and enjoy their love the world would be a very different place. Keep up the great work of showing love, but never porn.

Thank you again for everything you folks have ever shared with me. I feel it has helped me open up to find the true Queen in my life… A love that all should have.

Take care my dear friends.

Keep sharing that special love for all the world to see.

All my love to you.
Your friend Bob.

Agree with Bob: porn is politics while love is a timeless spring!!

3 thoughts on “Love, a Timeless Spring

  1. love this blog …….many may consider you naked and teasing as you do to be porn……your posts show the beautiful deep love you and hubby have for each other and you show us the beauty of a lady from within…… portray what God wants us to do LOVE…… show a love for the body you have and the person you are………so in my mind I love you as a wonderful inspirational friend and all my sensual love for the lady I married and adore…….thank you for all you do to let people know we need more love in the world.
    sweet hugs to you and your loving man

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