Coffee is Good for You

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Amazing Benefits for Our Brains Start at 3-5 Cups Per Day

What I am interested in at this point of our health studies is something that I am sorry to say I have ignored far too much in past studies. I’ve been so focused on protecting all of us from cancer, diabetes, and heart disease that I pretty much ignored the thing that is tied in to our every body function and must run properly for the whole body to run well: the brain.

I therefore have a series of studies coming out on things we can do to protect our brains from degeneration, shrinkage, general decay — and to aid (and extend!) our thinking and memory abilities. Having gone into this vein of study wholeheartedly over the last several years, I think I’m ready to give us some simple, reasonable, and often cheap ways we can better care for our brain.

So, here is a starter, one that won’t require anyone to do very much different from what they may have been doing anyway (but should get us more focused and guide us better on doing it) — is reasonable, effective, cheap, and even enjoyable. How’s that for starters, folks?

As I’ve mentioned to most of you in private over the past few years, studies on caffeinated coffee have turned upside down what doctors told us over the years: “Stop (or at least cut way back on) drinking coffee and tea, and if you do drink them, drink decaf.”

Moreover, the entire media along with the medical industry tagged caffeine as a drug. Nuts. Reminds me of the current and most radical EPA since its inception in the early `70s, going against all other EPAs by listing CO2 as a pollutant. Nuts again. This type of insanity goes on all over our organized systems, and shows no sign of stopping. Thus, more reason for us to grab the old, proverbial bull by something round and hung low, and pull him where we want him to go: toward benefiting us — not a radical cause, a homemade remedy to a fake problem, or a modern religion dreamed up by negative-thinking cynics who lust to control us.

Don’t feel duped about the anti-caffeine scam! I went for this one — swallowing the entire hook, whole — until LifeX wised me up a few years ago, and advised me to start drinking up to five-cups of coffee a day for prostate and brain health. Never drank coffee in my life until then, and drank decaf tea for the last thirty-years. Should have known this one!! What a sucker!! Can’t promise these types of shams won’t deceive me again, but I do certainly promise I’ll be more aware from now on — without proper studies and research, the systems’ claims won’t budge me. I don’t care how many times they repeat them, in an obvious attempt to brainwash us into believing their bogus claims; or how many experts with a list of degrees (from the same system that invented the claims in the first place) they poke at us jamming the same unsubstantiated claims into our minds.

The medical industry and the media condemned and slandered caffeine without the first study to back their claims. No research. No medical or scientific evidence. Turns out that caffeine is good for us — not bad. And, of course, it’s a product of nature and is not synthesized in coffee or tea and so cannot be a drug.

Of course, if caffeine affects you negatively, making you nervous and keeping you from sleeping, you should cut it out or at least cut back until it does not have those effects on you. Caffeine (just as alcohol and other substances) some people simply cannot tolerate.

Even if a stark jolt of caffeine affects you negatively, you can most likely still enjoy the benefits of caffeine by drinking tea. Caffeine from tea does not make most people jittery, not having near the system-jolt caffeine from coffee has. Tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that helps keep the jitters at bay. So, if you can’t tolerate caffeinated coffee, try some tea. Tea is filled with antioxidants, catechins, electrolytes, plant-nutrients, and more positive substances, all of which have positive effects on our bodies.

Your brain and body will still receive a lot of protection and pep from the caffeine — which, don’t know about you, but I know that I myself certainly need.


Ideally, we should drink some coffee, some green tea, and some black tea every day. In the mornings we here start with about 4 cups of coffee, then during the day drink black teas of various sorts, and take LifeX’s Mega Green Tea Extract. That provides a rounding of some of the best nutrients you can put in your body. (more in future studies for what to add to that mix to help your brain even moreso)

For your health: The Artful Dodger

Note 1: Let me caution everyone on this serious point: adding sugar to your coffees and teas can easily offset the benefits of drinking them. If you must have your drinks sweetened, try some stevia. It’s not a synthesized substance, it’s much sweeter than sugar, and not only does it not do the cell damage and the other negatives that sugar does to your body, it’s truly good for you.

Note 2: Read this excellent run down from LifeX on what studies and research truly tell us about coffee consumption. Note too how much more powerful caffeinated coffees are than decafs. However, both are indeed good for us. So, if you absolutely cannot tolerate caffeine in any from, from any substance, drink the decaf forms.

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  1. green tea or black coffee love them both…….so much better sharing them with you enjoying the sight of your sweet body as we sip and chat

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