The Means of Subversion

I have read in some place (actually more than some: in several places) that five minutes of sadness or stress will render a five hour repair gap in your body’s immune system.

Can Stress Affect the Immune System?
Stressful events can have a negative effect on the immune system. The first line of defense against invading organisms is an immune globulin called secretory IgA, which resides in the mucus secretions of the lungs, digestive tract, and urinary tract. Research has shown that stress can cause a significant decrease in this key immune factor. For example, one stressful episode of anger lasting five minutes can cause a decrease in secretory IgA that can last for up to five hours.

Natural killer cells are essential white blood cells that play a vital role in immune system surveillance. A severe life stress can result in a 50-percent reduction in the effectiveness of the body’s natural killer cells.

Cortisol, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, increases during stressful situations. In fact, this hormone is often referred to as the “stress hormone.” If too much of this hormone is present in the body for long periods of time, it can have a dampening effect on the immune system.

Must admit: the daily stress with the twins, the background stress with bills and their like, the episodic stress with another kid of mine, the occasional worries about what other people think (or would think) of me — all of these affect my immune system a way or another. Most of these causes are grinding my soul for decades as an integral part of life.

Let me (re)introduce you to the means of subversion that I use to employ against the burdens of life.

Cuddling, Lovemaking, Orgasming

Once hubby called a carpenter to fix our bed (guess why?) and, while fixing and consolidating it, he chatted with us about the bed’s width: a hundred and forty centimeters. “This is a less common measure for beds,” said the carpenter, “because most married people opt for wider beds and singles can live with narrower beds.” Then how would he describe ours, in which category might it fit? “This bed is most suitable for freshly married ones or for younger couples. People who cuddle all the time; not looking for sides but joining in the middle.”

Aha! Good point by the expert in beds. He (my hubby, not the carpenter) seldom makes love to me by night (this is a regular morning treat, when no one else is home) but he’s always caressing me, our legs intermingle, our heads change chests (or breasts). In two words: sleeping cuddling.

Lovemaking in the morning causes the day to stand out when compared with the other day. My blog brims with examples so I’ll let you discover your preferred ones, after reading this post, of course.

Same goes for orgasming, with the worthwhile observation that a vaginal orgasm (when properly achieved) beats a month of clitoral ones.

Posing Nude, Erotic Films

I didn’t believe him when he told me. Asking for second opinions, I’ve got them and I liked them. Flirting with a public opinion about your shapes and shadows, about toes and feet (I have had a feet complex, washed out by some guys from South Africa), about knees and thighs, about other anatomical parts of my body… all of this proves to be a great encouragement. In winter I tend to get compliments from people who revel in watching my more voluptuous trends. Being happy to please them I still long for my summer proportions. Which brings me to…


Yuppie! This mild February made it possible for me to conquer back my garden – from the crazy communitarian cats. I envisage great changes for my garden this spring. Cannot tell how much of my outdoor dreams will become true but the garden makes for a great part in balancing my mental and physical harmony.


Human inventiveness and its consequent industries have polluted this planet. The air, the waters, the ground, they are no more what they’ve used to be. Therefore the inflationary food is of an inferior quality. Supplementing from natural sources is as important as ditching surrogate snacks to avoid the industrial poisons also known as preservatives.


Highly organized religion is hardly the optimal corner of comfort for an artist (just look at Michelangelo’s art in breeches). But for a mother in her midlife years, it provides relief. Some may assume a contradiction here between the erotic expression and the religious morals. Well, a consumer is more than a shopper. Spiritual “consumers” believe in “porn” and enjoy consuming it from Monday to Saturday only to condemn it on Sundays. They do this because they are told what to think, what is de bon ton et comme il faut… and what is not, according to some sort of social dictate.

Having enough directives and demands at home, I am pleased to escape for a couple of hours a week out to a space beyond space and a time beyond time — completely ignoring what others may think of me (because this kind of concerns have a negative impact on my immune system).

Oh, yes, make sure not to throw the Baby with the water!

This morning – posing up on a chair; pretending to dust or change a bulb (click on images for full-size wallpapers).

4 thoughts on “The Means of Subversion

  1. Doris love the bed size story…… matter the size bed the time spent cuddling and caressing your lover is so beautiful…..the feel of each other it makes the lovemaking so beautiful and sensual…….even without lovemaking the closeness makes you smile and so comforts you

  2. love to help you with the light…….gladly hold your sweet soft thighs would not want you to fall and bruise such a pretty body

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