Friday 13, Shadows on the Wall

Early in the morning I learned that a visit planned for next weekend will probably arrive this very one. I ran to wash my shock with an orgasm, swapping juices with hubby and then, hurriedly, taking my chauffeur (stoker, from French) out to buy ‘original’ bio farm eggs and other goodies for the impromptu visit.

After finishing lunch for kids, I take a break to read a mail about: “Friday 13, Your Lucky Day!” If they say so, let us give it a try then…

Playing with my pearls on my pussy - a retina-ready wallpaper 1600x2560px.

Playing with my pearls on my pussy – a retina-ready wallpaper 1600x2560px.


Choosing a corner between two halogen lamps, I tease, pose, strip and… once seeing myself nude, I begin playing with my pearls, on my pussy. Shivering shadows?

The high resolution photos are to be watched on and πŸ™‚

Happy Lucky Scary Friday 13!!

8 thoughts on “Friday 13, Shadows on the Wall

  1. you make the sexiest shadows on that wall……..always so pretty and sexy……love your gorgeous legs in sheer nylon

    1. This is the message of the photo. But at that time, I was thinking to finish the photo shooting and make lunch for the kids – otherwise said: thinking of nothing. How interesting it is that you don’t think when doing it… just feeling… and I felt good posing, can tell you this! πŸ™‚

      1. yes Doris i can tell… are so beautiful and sensual……however you pose shows your great love for your life sensuality and family and the fact that you are so classy

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