Morning Love Book Review

Katie in LoveKatie in Love by Chloe Thurlow

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Truthfulness: Katie in Love

Reading “Katie in Love” by Chloë Thurlow was like finding myself in the substance of this or that context, like contemplating fragments of life from a mirror that has sunk deep in the lake of the past, never to be seen again. Nostalgia quivers and captivates you. The reading is provocative. Where Katie goes, her simple presence delivers a lively scent of Erotica. She needs not to undress or get explicit. No! She is the doe in the forest.

“Girls are butterflies and at fourteen they feel the air below their wings and fly through the glass walls that imprison them.” See what I mean? Chloë’s allegories grant access of the written words to another dimension, to a variety of heavens where gravity cannot be gauged. Katie is a living metaphor. Katie is the girl who learns and the woman who listens. There is no greater spiritual achievement, other than understanding the sense of your journey which, à propos, commences with learning and listening.

“When you add love to sex it feels as if your soul is being drawn from the chains of gravity into the core of the infinite. New feelings come to life, emotions without explanations that we try to name with that perplexing little word we avoid using as if the word is sacred or sacrilegious.” The sacred and the profane – two halves that we know best to neglect. How could you understand the sacred when you’ve been ordered to unspeak the profane, to deny and condemn it? Thus Chloë shows us the obvious: that we are more than our two halves. Love makes us more than us. Not spontaneously! Finding your truthful self requires an ageless wisdom and Katie walks you throughout the initiatic maze of a world that does not care. Never did.

“It was Søren Kierkegaard who proposed, fifty years before Sartre’s birth, that it is not society or religion, but the individual who is responsible to give meaning to his own life.” Indeed, the young individual who chooses to cheat at tests when in school, to ignore the reality underneath, and (seeing this as an advantage) will continue with a superficial approach all the way through his mature life. This becomes the tiny cog in the vast system of society and religion. Seems easier to stay empty than learn and listen.

The true courage is to love!, and Katie is here, roaming the pages of Chloë’s book, to show you how Love is made.

You go read the book while I’m about to read it again – the way I do with books of reference.

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