Equilibrium & Vertigo

Reading through the Amazon book reviews of Chloe’s Katie in Love, I’ve noticed a critique that got me thinking.

“Yes, it’s erotic, the author creates a very sexy tale. But, I couldn’t help feeling like the character had me spinning in circles. At times, she just rambled about mundane things and it would go on for pages. I started to get bored and flip through until I found more about Tom again… I like Tom…”

Uhm, yes, the character rambles. Women, like characters, ramble most of the day, or night. Men generate similar noises too – sometimes not even bothering to articulate their expression in words. It’s part of who we are.

The urban myth about humans using but ten percent of their brains has been proven false. Yes, we seemingly use the whole of our brains. What a relief! But how? Some things, some where, fail to connect, or else we won’t be rambling so much. Have you heard of a rambling robot? Who would pay for having such a thing?

My take on this matter: athletes use to train their bodies through so many routines and these are quite different from the actual game; machine learning is all about the agonizing algorithms that would eventually teach decision-making to a computer — some even argue that this science has to jump a level higher than mere algorithms before giving us the kind of artificial neural networks that you’ve been seeing in sci-fi movies. Which brings us to the point: our brains are networks. Have you heard of a functional network that is not redundant? Based on this, we may speculate that our brains babble ninety percent of the time while trying to make sense the other ten percent.

Digits may vary, it matters less for my rambling here. A good friend has told me that in biblical times you had to work three hours a day (no Saturdays!), twenty-five years a life (from 25 to 50) and, if you made it, then all you had to do was ramble at your kids and nephews, neighbors and buddies, and so on… and so forth… Rambling is a feature not a bug!

Look at the picture below: at how I find my equilibrium in happiness and excitement at the very instant when vertigo catches me (from behind?) to rain on my parade. When showing off, I get lost to vanity, flying high towards the sun, sensing how my calves begin to levitate. It lasts no longer than a second before my rambling mind hails down with questions – rambling yet reasonable queries. Can I tell which is the Equilibrium and which the Vertigo?

Is it okay to worry all the time about the kids, the bills, aging and the world? Is it better to dream all the time, to pose nude and be naughty in home made romantic videos? On both accounts, it is okay, just not all the time. See? Time again – this little bastard pulling my equilibrium away, holding me hostage on the edge of the vertigo.

Well, but there’s always a third option: gardening, this little flowery patch would level all things up, or down.

Let’s suppose that ninety percent of this blog is rambling. Therefore let us cap the nonsense with a topic that would make all the sense in ninety percent of a male’s brain (at least we can tell how they use their ‘unused’ mythological neurons).

The Nightstand is a sixteen minutes long video about me posing, playing with a belt, showing off my retro style pantyhose, stripping to show more, then covering back. Going to and fro, bending and stretching. In one word: rambling!

More intimate details on CougarBunnies.com

More intimate details on CougarBunnies.com

2 thoughts on “Equilibrium & Vertigo

  1. the Nightstand…….if that is rambling could watch you ramble all day………so beautiful in those pantyhose caressing your gorgeous legs and the way you tease is so sensual fun and classy

    1. On Southern Charms, I’m rambling through 157 pics, on CougarBunnies.com through more 67 pics and all this still rambling gets covered by a 16 minutes long retro video.
      This should be the rambling of the week. 🙂

      Hugs, kisses and thank you again for the compliments!!

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