For Your Health: B-Complex Vitamins

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Friends, these are just two of the reasons I place a topnotch B-Complex among my Top Seven mandatory supplements for your health. B vitamins are also essential in helping to prevent brain shrinkage.

Those of you who do have some mild memory loss may want to add a B6 and a B12 supplement (sublingual is best) to your B-Complex dosage. Otherwise the B vitamins are an excellent maintenance supplement to help protect your brain and your heart.

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If you don’t have a physician who has knowledge of supplements (and that is truly rare), you can always call LifeX’s Science Department, if you have questions about taking a certain vitamin: 800-226-2370 (Drs in frm 9:00-5:00)

For your health: Ruddy Adam

B Vitamins Slow Brain Atrophy (source:

The results of a double-blinded clinical trial reported in the journal PLoSONE revealed that men and women with mild cognitive impairment who were supplemented with vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and folic acid experienced a reduction in the rate of brain atrophy compared with those who received a placebo. Brain atrophy, which involves the loss of neurons and their connections, occurs in older individuals and has been linked with elevated plasma homocysteine, a toxic amino acid that is lowered by specific B vitamins.

The study included 168 men and women aged 70 and older diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment who participated in the Homocysteine and B Vitamins in Cognitive Impairment (VITACOG) trial. A. David Smith and colleagues at the University of Oxford in England randomized the subjects to receive 20 milligrams vitamin B6, 500 micrograms vitamin B12 and 800 micrograms folic acid per day for 24 months. Cognitive testing, blood sample analysis, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of the brain to assess the rate of atrophy were conducted before and after the treatment period.

Cognitive test results associated an increased rate of atrophy with lower final scores. The age-adjusted rate of brain atrophy per year was 29.6 percent less and homocysteine levels were 31.7 percent lower by the end of the trial in the active treatment group compared to the placebo group. Higher plasma homocysteine levels at the beginning of the trial predicted a greater rate of atrophy among those who did not receive B vitamins, however, this effect was not observed among the treatment group. Among those who received the vitamins and whose baseline homocysteine levels were among the top 25 percent, a 53 percent reduction in the rate of atrophy occurred compared to the placebo group. Additionally, reduction in the rate of atrophy was associated with improvement in folate or vitamin B12 levels. The authors remark that while elevated homocysteine could be a direct cause of the brain atrophy observed in the study, it may alternately be the result of reduced levels of folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, with increased homocysteine only serving as a marker of these insufficiencies.

“The accelerated rate of brain atrophy in elderly with mild cognitive impairment can be slowed by treatment with homocysteine-lowering B vitamins,” the authors conclude. “Since accelerated brain atrophy is a characteristic of subjects with mild cognitive impairment who convert to Alzheimer’s disease, trials are needed to see if the same treatment will delay the development of Alzheimer’s disease.”

B-Complex Supplementation May Help Prevent First-Time Stroke (source

The results of a meta-analysis conducted by researchers in China indicate that supplementing with B vitamins could reduce the risk of experiencing a stroke. The research was described online on September 18, 2013 in the journal Neurology.

Yuming Xu of Zengzhou University and colleagues selected 14 randomized, double-blinded trials that included a total of 54,913 subjects for their analysis. B vitamins administered in the trials included folate or folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, and control groups were given a placebo or a very low-dose supplement. Follow-up times ranged from 24 to 80 months, during which 2,471 strokes occurred.

All studies but one uncovered a decrease in supplemented subjects of serum homocysteine which, when elevated, is a risk factor for stroke. Reductions in serum homocysteine ranged from 3.1 to 10.4 micromoles per liter in vitamin-supplemented groups. When all trial participants were analyzed, overall stroke risk was reduced by 7% as a result of homocysteine reduction among supplemented participants in comparison with the control subjects. “B vitamin supplementation for homocysteine reduction significantly reduced stroke events, especially in subjects with certain characteristics who received appropriate intervention measures,” the authors conclude.

“Previous studies have conflicting findings regarding the use of vitamin B supplements and stroke or heart attack,” Dr Xu stated. “Based on our results, the ability of vitamin B to reduce stroke risk may be influenced by a number of other factors such as the body’s absorption rate, the amount of folic acid or vitamin B12 concentration in the blood, and whether a person has kidney disease or high blood pressure. Before you begin taking any supplements, you should always talk to your doctor.”

Note 1: As noted many times, no one here receives a discount, kick back, or any type of compensation for mentioning products of any kind. We do not sell vitamins, herbs, or minerals. That will always stand!

Note 2: We always check out products and sources, sometimes by chemistry (supplement sources always!), and other times by trying the products ourselves. Life Extension is the only company whose every product that the Foundation itself produces is of pharmaceutical grade. That’s the difference between a Mercedes and a Kia.

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  1. Will most certainly get some B6 and a B12 supplements – I don’t so much as have a memory loss when I try to speak Spanish, sometimes I have a complete black out.

    1. Blackouts are best when you come back from them and realize… 🙂
      Wished to blog some more but Astarte and her Sisters keep me prisoner in the editor — just as you said about them, devious characters…

  2. thank you Doris…….not only a very beautiful sexy woman but a sweet lady that cares about her friends

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