21 Totally Normal Things People Deal With During Sex / Bustle


At MLNP we like to reinforce that sex isn’t always– okay, is never– the perfectly choreographed dance-out-of-your-clothes-while-falling-onto-the-bed-still-making-out routine that it is in rom-coms. Bodies are weird and sometimes do unexpected things, and we like to remind everyone that these occurrences are totally normal and a part of being a human. While sex can be amazing and orgasmic and mind blowing, it can also be funny, awkward, messy and weird noises can happen. We loved this piece from Bustle because it opened dialogue about the weird shit that can happen and how that’s perfectly normal. We’ve reposted some of our favorites.

Originally written by Gabrielle Moss for Bustle. Published on December 4th, 2014.


If you spent all of your teen years imagining sex as a passionate, transcendent melding of two souls (one of whom happened to be Robert Pattinson), you may have been shocked when you finally did the deed and found out that sex…

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2 thoughts on “21 Totally Normal Things People Deal With During Sex / Bustle

  1. so true we can never seem to have the same sensual encounters you see on the screen with actors…….i found in stead of wanting to do the strip tease dance and hot and heavy scene……plan a night of wine and massages then when odd things come up or the silly unexpected noises who cares…….you are studying new and beautiful things about your partners body and exploring new pleasures with them…….beautiful way to reconnect and ignore any little thing that does not go by the book

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