Love My Purse?

There are times when you just love being loved…
From last week’s love-mail, together with a new retina-ready sexy wallpaper.

Hello Ms. Gorgeous:

I couldn’t resist sending you a note after peeking at the front-end pics of your latest set … and yes, I love your new purse … and I really love your pretty brown heels. They look absolutely beautiful on your gorgeous legs and feet!!! I’d love to come play in your shoe closet and have you model every pair of pretty shoes that you own. Those beautiful legs and feet should never be un-shod … or un-shooooo’ed … LOL !!
If you’re ever in the mood for a shoe-shoppin’ trip, I’m your Bear … just give me the location of the closest airport and I’ll fire up my plane and come take you to lunch … and dinner … with a shoe-shoppin’ trip in between that you’ll never forget !!

Stay As Beautiful As You Are … And Always Well Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeel’ed,

Love my purse? Have a closer look...  |

Love my purse? Have a closer look… |

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