How to masturbate for better orgasms, because you totally deserve it / Bustle

Kudos to Bustle for bringing up the often not discussed topic of masturbation– and giving some tips on how to have the best orgasms that you can! We at are unsurprisingly all about knowing how to get yourself off– and we think that masturbation is just as much #realworldsex as any other kind! Check out our #metime tag on to see for yourself!

Written by Aly Walansky for Bustle. Originally published in April, 2015.


“Self-pleasure is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Whether you have a partner or not, spending some time enjoying yourself has tons of benefits. Not only does masturbation make you feel good and help relieve stress, but it also can get you in touch with the pleasure zones in your body — and lead to way more pleasurable sex with a partner. But even if we do it regularly, we can all learn how to masturbate better. Trying…

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