Spring is in the Air

600x800-maturemodel-dorisdawn-springtimeThe storks have returned on top of their summer chimneys. The cherry trees have blossomed around. The neighbors — East and West and South — have their buzzing machines at hand. One moves a ladder, I can see (and hear the chatter). What a perfect moment to take my raincoat off and show everyone what an exhibitionist I am.

Retina-ready wallpaper: Spring is in the air. Mature model Doris Dawn.

Retina-ready wallpaper: Spring is in the air. Mature model Doris Dawn.


Mail me, or comment down under, for details.

In absolute avant-première, I’ve got two high resolution pics, close ups with my pussy amongst blossoming cherry flowers. You can see my pores, and pubic hair, taking pleasure in the sunny air of Spring (fans of CougarBunnies.com have already got a message with the secret links).

Storks are back!

Storks are back!

4 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air

  1. springtime is so beautiful…….the fresh smell of the new flowers ………the sweetest flower in that garden is the pretty lady teasing in the coat

      1. you are so welcome i always enjoy your posts…..the beautiful thoughts you share with us and to see your pretty smile
        wishing you and hubby a very beautiful spring weekend

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