A Few Quick Health Benefit Tidbits

More health tips from Ruddy Adam.

Green Tea Extract

Take this supplement on an empty stomach a few minutes before exercising (this includes breathing exercises), because this is shown to multiply the positive effectiveness on your brain.

I want to reiterate that it is specifically the extract that promotes brain health and has been shown to have the ability to reverse Alzheimer’s. And I want to state again at the risk of having a wearying effect on everyone that there is absolutely no drug that can do anything more than slightly slow down Alzheimer’s. You must try to prevent and protect your brain before the many beastly diseases that fall under the tag of Alzheimer’s attack it.

Now, let me be clear: That you must take the extract to aid your brain does not mean that the tea itself is not good for you, because both Green Tea and Black Tea are very good for you and should be drunk quite often. Mix it up because the brain loves diversity. But when you’re aiming to help your brain, you must take an extract that is designed for that purpose.

Recovery Time

The older you get the more recovery time your body needs to heal itself from exercising. Yes, exercising does damage to the body — but it’s not the type of damage that harms you in the long run if you take the time to allow your body to recover. That’s why you don’t want to exercise every day. (Of course, proper supplementation helps speed the healing process.)

The most recent and what I consider really well-done and thorough studies show that folks over 50 need only about 150 minutes of light exercise per week to aid their body in many ways: help control blood sugar levels, blood pressure, helps hold down stress hormones that cause aging, and helps get more oxygen to the brain. The approximate 150-minutes is counting for rest time between sets of weight resistant exercises — which is the type of exercise you should be putting your efforts in. Don’t exercise more than every other day or more than four days per week.

This is not counting such things as Yoga — that don’t require nearly as much recovery time. However, I recommend using arm and leg weights when doing Yoga — and this does require a little more recovery time.

White Death

As I noted in an earlier piece, your brain hates sugar. Well, once you see this you’ll know why — though this is just one more of several reasons for its hatred of sugar.

Not only have neurologists discovered more things about the brain that they did not know before. They have discovered how truly devastating to the brain White Death (sugar) is.

We know that Type II diabetics have about a 60% greater risk for Alzheimer’s and the many brain disorders that come under that tag than non-diabetics. Studying with that in mind, neurologists have discovered that not only does the pancreas produce insulin — but so does the brain. Aha! That’s a dandy piece of info that shocked everyone.

However, after someone becomes a diabetic their brain insulin production severely drops off. Sugar and foods that are high in sugar or act the same way in the body get the brain to the point of shutting down its insulin production. This is a huge negative because the brain needs some of the sugar running around in your bloodstream just as the rest of your cells do.

Aside from sugar itself (white and brown are both evil), the other foods that act similarly on the brain would be processed foods, such as bread, crackers, chips, manmade sweeteners, sodas (diet and sugary ones), processed milk, and the like. Something like the Government’s Food Pyramid would add to the problem, as well.

So then, this is even more of a catalyst to encourage us to cut as much sugar and sugary foods out of our diets as we possibly can.

As I wrote back in the mid-90s in those health studies, if you eat out it is almost impossible not to take in some sugar. For those of you who are not diabetics, the thing to do is cut way back on sweets (and try to cut them out completely), don’t drink sugary or synthetically sweetened drinks, eat as few processed foods as possible that affect the brain just as sugar does or either are laden with sugar (those mentioned above).

The devastation that sugar causes to the body is why when I get the question that I hear and have heard many, many times over the years, “Which is the worst” of what I call the Triune Godhead of Death: “Pork, Crustaceans, or Sugar?” I have to answer, though they are all extremely bad for us and should not be eaten (pork not even touched!) — sugar is the worst.

Part of the reason it is the worst is because it’s everywhere and in so many things we eat, because it is addictive — and vendors place sugar (and synthetic sweeteners) in foods and condiments because they want you addicted to White Death. Another reason is that the processed sugar we’re getting has very little sugar in it. Rather it has dyes, bleaches, anti-caking agents, and other synthetics that are not good for our brains or our bodies. But the damn stuff is pretty, and it tastes pretty good — until you don’t eat it for a while and then you’ll learn to detest its taste.

Rather than processed foods, use condiments like vinegar, olive oil, mustard, coconut oil, cinnamon, stevia, horseradish, mayonnaise made with olive oil, relish, onions, garlic, peppers, cilantro, ketchup without added sugar, lemon juice (squeezed from lemons), and so on to add flavor to meals.

If you are a diabetic, don’t be afraid when you eat out to carry your own olive oil for salads and such and your stevia to sweeten tea. Stevia, mustard, and cinnamon help control blood sugar levels.

Another reason sugar is so bad is because we use it to reward ourselves — what a sham that one is. Yes, there are times that we here eat something sweet — but we do it far less since we started chanting this little adage created about 30-years ago before consuming: Go ahead! Reward yourself with poison — dumb ass!

For our health: Ruddy Adam

Note: Once you’re a Type II diabetic everything changes. It means your cells have become insensitive to insulin and your cells can’t pull the sugar out of your bloodstream. (Your brain cells also have insulin receptors.) It means your pancreas has been on overload because of all the sugar you’ve pounded it with and it’s close to shutting down insulin production. When and if it does that means you’ll have to take insulin shots — which greatly multiplies your risk of getting other degenerative diseases than when you were taking oral medication.

The reason that diabetics are at such a higher risk of so many other degenerative diseases is because they use their medication to allow them to eat more sugar. They continue to pound their brains and their cells and their pancreas with more White Death and/or synthetic sweeteners. Your brain cannot tell the difference between a manmade sweetener and sugar; just as your cells do, it reacts the same to each one.

But we have several people who will be receiving this piece who are taking dead aim at controlling their blood sugar levels. And they are succeeding. This is what you want to do — not continue on the path that turned you into a diabetic. It can be done.

Several of our folks report to me quite often — and quite happily — regarding how well they are controlling their blood sugar levels. The last two reports on fasting levels were 83 & 94 respectively — which is quite wonderful. So, it can be done — even after becoming a diabetic and taking medication.

So don’t dare use your medication to wolf down more of the same poison that got you to where you now are. Use it to control your blood sugar levels — and use your diet to aid that effort. You’ll save your brain and yourself from having other diseases pile on to the diabetes.

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