How I turned fantasy into reality with ‘The Garden Job’ by Doris_Dawn

We love this post by Doris because it reveals the #realworld complications that came along with replicating the fantasy of one of her fans and how she and Don had fun with a scenario by being true to themselves. – Madam Curator

Written by MLNPstar Doris of Doris_Dawn

This was a premier for me, and for hubby as well: our first HD video, in our garden, naked, having sex, masturbating, sunbathing, enjoying each other’s love juices, all these in front of the camera. The idea for ‘The Garden Job’ was inspired by Maurizio, a fan of my videos. This is what he said:

“Ciao DORIS, you are WONDERFULLLLL !!!!!!!!”

Today I got your panties… FANTASTIC SWEET the smell of your pussy!!! I am crazy for your perfume … and I envy Don that can enjoy daily…your hot and wet pussy … Why don’t you do some movie, where Don takes off your…

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2 thoughts on “How I turned fantasy into reality with ‘The Garden Job’ by Doris_Dawn

  1. Doris is the prettiest sweetest flower in the garden…….such a loving couple they know how to make a viewers erotic request into a beautiful exploration of their love for each other……..Doris and Don a classy sensual loving couple

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