The Garden Story Goes On

We had a stormy week, with lightnings and broken trees. Together with one of my Pinterest boards being removed and one of my Youtube videos (Venetian Blinds) being removed for inappropriate content and me getting a first strike warning. So far so good, no comments. What for?

On the bright side of life, I’m (still) celebrating my Update #200 on Southern Charms with a fresh garden photo sitting (shot on Tuesday). Titled ‘Sweet & Suave’ because so I think of my flowers, of their perfume.

Madam Curator, of MakeLoveNotPorn, introduced the newest version of “The Garden Job” with these elegant words.

We love this post by Doris because it reveals the #realworld complications that came along with replicating the fantasy of one of her fans and how she and Don had fun with a scenario by being true to themselves. – Madam Curator

copy256x160-nudeingHubby had to work hard on revamping his older site: NudeInGarden.coma Midlife Experiment. Twas about time, said I holding the sickle over the wild greenery of the neighbor’s garden. He also elaborated on one single photo (from Tuesday, yes) in the never ending quest for subtlety: what is “acceptable in a museum or a class” and what not; what is “nudity” and what not; what is “de bon ton et comme il faut” and what not. Where’s my sickle? Ah, there you are!

Mature Model Doris Dawn, nude in garden - charcoal crayon (retina-ready sexy wallpaper).

Mature Model Doris Dawn, nude in garden – charcoal crayon (retina-ready sexy wallpaper).

Photo Update 200
Sweet and Suave: 123 Pics

This is my Update #200 and, first of all, I wish to THANK YOU all for your continuous support. I appreciate your subscriptions, and your video orders, very much. But what I appreciate at least as much is YOU wishing to watch me play. 🙂
The first hundred was harder.
The second hundred came by inertia.
I’ve got accustomed to this new lifestyle – this requires perseverance, discipline but also pleasure.
The pleasure of showing myself naked!
The pleasure of watching myself, not just in the private mirror but also in the eyes of the watchers. In YOUR eyes!!
For my #200 I couldn’t find a better place to pose than one of the most pleasant for me: my garden; near the delicate things that bring me so much pleasure: my flowers. What a pity that you can’t sense the perfume of my roses in mid May! Sweet and Suave.
And, last but not least, in front of the curious camera manned by the one that makes me so happy, brings me the most of pleasure.
Pleasure is so important for all of us, for our health and for our well-being, isn’t it?
With this Update #200, I also wish to tell you that members can watch and download no less than 17,500 still photos of mine; plus 89 sexy, erotic, hard or soft core, videos from my SC Videos page. Thank You All, once again!!

2 thoughts on “The Garden Story Goes On

  1. with that pretty smile and how beautiful you the prettiest flower in the garden looks i can just imagine the beautiful sweet scent of you and all of the pretty flowers that surround you…… would be so sweet to be there but your posts make one dream in color and scent of the beauty you emit to the camera

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