Instructions Included

Few days ago, hubby has bought a new pair of glasses for himself, and yours truly. They are not sun glasses and they are not visual enhancing glasses. They are just a simple pretext for his voyeurism… and for my exhibitionism. Yes! They are spy glasses with a hidden camera. Yes! When we have sex, when I cook, when I bend, when I pose in front of his other (normal, not hidden) cameras, he is wearing these pretense glasses to record whatever he sees, to show you whatever I am doing.

My Full HD clip is on clips4sale and also on - make your pick!

My Full HD clip is on clips4sale and also on – make your pick!

In this new and intriguing little spy video, I have to find a spot on the grass where to lay down my pussy for a new photo sitting. Your voyeuristic instincts will be delighted to chase a glimpse of my pubic hair, or my labia, through this thrilling visual escapade. There’s a category called ‘behind the scenes’ to fit this video in. Let’s say that we’re showing you a backstage perspective from our sunny and flowery garden. Filmed at the beginning of this week. Should we call for an ‘outdoor behind the scenes’ composite category? Enjoy watching and ‘voyeuring’ me in Full HD – 1080p.

Image source:

Image source:

Please look again at the above image, most exactly in the top right corner. Interesting official set of instructions. According to the producers, distributors, vendors, etc., the user “must” (should?) wear the glasses while making love. What an amazing perspective! It thrills me because: i. this can be used as a motivational device; ii. with mutual consent, or maybe with two pairs of glasses, loved ones (like you and me) are able to catch their most intimate moments, and shadows, and cleavages, and spasms, to watch them later on TV, in Full HD; iii. we’ve already tested them in bed — not the top quality of handy cameras because of the inherent moves of the head and because the lens is so well hidden that it gives some marginal shadows.

My Fotomann will come back with a new post, more technical, about this little new wonder of sharing the joy. Until then, enjoy my latest nude in garden video, which happens to be our first Full HD 1080p production.


2 thoughts on “Instructions Included

  1. Always love your posts now…… super now hubby will share how he sees the very beautiful. Lady being herself daily……. should be so beautiful and sexy watching you enjoy life and tease us

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