“Hello, World!” (a Parable)

Hi! Don here. While Doris elaborates on topics such as Astarte giving birth to her human-like twins: Easter and Saturn, I wish to stir a little debate on the edge of anthropomorphic metaphysics — or the story beyond The Adventure. The Word, or the Logos is the origin of any creation. Young coders learn this when they write their first “Hello, World!” program. This simple play of syntax, compiled and on display in front of your eyes, makes you feel like the negligible pygmy-god of your computer: the worlds-making-machine.

The parable of the computer program can work as well as the countless Biblical parables, particularly on people who didn’t grow up at a farm. See, there’s an arrogance of the urban guy (one who never milked a cow, or a goat; one like me) towards simple people and fellow peasants. The iPhone — as a social status symbol — is a smart gadget that makes us dumb, about as dumb as the idolaters of old (users of totems and worshipers of superstitions). Nothing is supernatural, other than our ignorance and The Word that chose to write (code) the first ever “Hello, World!” program.

In the beginning of the ages the Logos had always existed! And the Logos had always existed in equality with the Ever-Living. And the Logos had always represented the Ever-Living. And the Logos had always been the very Essence of Deity. In the beginning of the ages the Logos had always existed in equality with the Ever-Living. All things came into being through Him! And apart from Him not one single thing ever came into existence that did indeed come into existence.
John 1.1-3

This is what I know, what I feel is right, what makes sense. This is what I know that I know. But what I’ll write in the paragraph below is about what I don’t know that I know or maybe what I don’t know that I don’t know. In one word: speculation. In another word: fiction.

Encapsulated in the millisecond pulsar PSR J1903+0327 there was, and still is, a miniature world containing a set of strata that had at its core a Pristine Earth, currently removed from that location and replaced by water. The ‘engine’ of a pulsar (goes the speculation) is a sphere inside a closely matching sphere, like a spherical capacitor. In between the two terminals of this capacitor there must be an interstice. Nope, it’s not there where the miniature world resides, as the interstice is an empty space, sort of blank (neutral) physical zone. Compare it to a GPU (graphical processing unit) for an x-server, a graphical machine producing physics out of spoken words, out of code.

“Our God is not a robot, as some seem to think. He wants some surprise in His life, just as He designed humans to desire.”

“It’s a common flaw to read the Scriptures and to take all things absolutely, because we most often look at the written word not linguistically through a language (and idiom) and culture thousands of years old and the thoughts of a Being Who was able to create the entire universe out of nothing, but through our own human eyes, through our culture, through our own language (and idiom) and through 21st Century eyes, and through our own thoughts.”

“Often the phrase translated “forever” does not mean what the Catholic Cult took it to absolutely mean, something lasting for now and on through the Final Age, known as the Eternity. It may mean a more finite time, and should be translated something along this order: for an age, or, for a time.”

“The phrase “the whole world” or “the world” quite often means the land as far as one can see, or, the surrounding land, rather than our view of the “whole world,” which is all land and all seas and every continent.”

Ruddy Adam — ironing my ideas straight.

God is Simple, because there’s no simpler than One.

Zero is complicated, because there’s nothing within. Which inner void (ego?) screams for the infinite, for the absolute. But it cannot bridge that kind of desire harmoniously, gracefully, because of it being complicated. And complex things tend to be ugly, noisy, flaky (somehow like robots).

Robotic beings are boring and they don’t even know that. However, robots are some of the most error-prone beings invented (or created). Actually, if a being is not self-aware, if it does not know about itself, then we’d better call it a machine, or an object, rather than a being (semantics).

Was Lucifer a robot then?

Don’t think so, because he grew up too fond of his own ego — and robots (real robots) have no such thing as an ego.

Was Lucifer a one?
Definitely not!

He was a zero.

Hence why would The One (Ever-Living) create a zero (or ‘the’ zero)? Why create night and darkness? Why speak nothingness into (through) the Word to craft a zero-being out of it?

Yet, allowing such void[s] to occur as consequence[s] of robot-like ‘beings’ or machines, would have had been an option that He took, maybe, in the prior age. He could knew, if He wished to, but He did not wish to know…

Being much like us (or better said us being like Him), God has an inclination for art (He is a, actually ‘The,’ Creator), for contemplation, for admiring and rejoicing in beauty, for poking at wisdom, for tinkering with reason and smiling in surprises (pleasant or not).

Therefore, we might speculate (speculation is a shy belief, not a hard conviction — somehow like Columbus trying to find India and landing in Cuba) that God had had eagerly created the beings of the prior age[s]. Common traditions call these as ‘supernatural’ but modern minds — pridefully? — think that nothing is above nature /physics/ other than God, therefore only God, The One, can be called supernatural, while any other being (created/made) is natural, as part of some sort of physics, prior or current, it matters less.

Communication is one helluva problem with us humans. We can hardly interpret the words to get their meanings in harmony. We rush to make of them, words, what we’d wish them to be. We love to hear what we want. Religious people would cry heresy, or blasphemy, the next instant you’ve stepped, or jumped, a meter, or a kilometer, away from the officially sanctioned dogma, or teaching. Deeply deranged people are convinced that killing cartoonists would take them to heavens. Materialist people (won’t call them atheists because this simple definition is counter-productive to their non-belief) might freak out when you insert the three-letter word: God, in a phrase, or just gonna pepper the speech with sweet Alabama-slang. Bless your heart!

Stereotypes rule over us. A mentality of fitting in a box, or melting in a crowd, shadows our individuality. But we often forget one little detail of life: a guy with a beard went to Jerusalem where he created the greatest scandal in history, which shortly turned into a movement for the Greeks to make it a philosophy, for the Romans to rise a monument out of it, for the Northerners to build a civilization on it and for the Americans to expand an enterprise from it. D’oh, seems that us, humans, can’t sleep well at night if not making a religion out of any movement, scandal or even some technological trend. Ideologies of the past century? Reformed religions of supermen: every social paradise, from Berlin to Moscow and from Madrid to Budapest, has had a “new man” concept regarded as a fundamental principle that justified killing millions.

Well, the man can be new, but for no more than thirty years. Then the man grows old. It’s nature. And nothing is supernatural other than our incommensurable arrogance and The Logos. But growing to understand how, and why, The Logos had had written the first ever “Hello, World!” program is the elixir not just to anti-aging or eternal youth, but also to stepping out of the screen, out of the world.

John 1.17-18
17. Indeed, the Law came through Moses – but Grace and Truth comes through Jesus Christ!
18. No one has ever understood God! But the one and only very, special Son, Who exists in union with the Father, that One explains Him.


A Young Pulsar Shows Its Hand.

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