I think it’s totally 100% ok to be a proudly erotic, sensual human being


We recently received this incredibly inspiring email from one of our male users. We think that he hits the nail on the head with his eloquent explanations. We’re super grateful for such articulate members within our MLNP community! Enjoy the read!

My dad is courageous. When I was 13 years old, he was driving me home from school one day and he asked me if I’d begun masturbating. When I said yes, he lent me a book from his library all about spiritual sexuality. He was being a good dad, showing his support for me exploring my burgeoning sexual self in healthy ways. Sadly, he was too late.

I had already been exposed to porn through my peers and to our pornified, highly sexualized culture through movies, advertising and just about every media form in existence. I already believed that men needed to be goal-oriented, pneumatic machines, pumping away to bring ‘perfectly’ proportioned women…

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