My Backdoor Challenge

I have never been a backdoor fan. Maybe that I should think less and allow more. As a mature model, I realized that close ups of my ass were stirring enough interest to produce some love mail. From the pile of letters received, I had to politely turn down the numerous proponents enthusiastically depicting ways and positions for piercing my virgin ass (yes!).

Beside the frivolous pick hammer perspective, there came the fine flock of fetish lovers. My feet – soles, calves, knees; my armpits; my navel and, of course, my ass – as I was reading through their mails – became points of unusual (and unexpected) exaltation.

A gentleman wished to see how I walk around, naked. Nothing more. What a simple do, said I to myself. A couple of weeks later he mannerly asked if I’d be comfortable to use hubby’s dick, in a five minute long custom video, just to grind between my butt cheeks without using his hands, simply thrusting back and forth between my cheeks. The clip “came out incredibly well, just as I desired…” responded my fan. So I was elated.

Can’t say the same about my state before filming the video. I have been nervous, anxious and seriously concerned. Although I trust hubby as myself, the legion of valkyries kept circling high above my head. What if the inoffensive grinding would hurt my anus, or worse: what if it translates into penetration?

When a young virgin, I had considered so many romantic scenarios where my imagination welcomed Prince Charming (whoever that would turn to be) to feast on my moist triangle. But never, not even today, have my dreams focused on my backdoor. I just don’t like the idea, even if hubby won’t waste an occasion to promote “the benefits.”

For him, the “Ass Grinder Project” came as yet another excuse. For me, it came as yet another challenge. He wished to use two cameras, for different angles, and I said why not film the entire process of the “making of.” Which we did.

See us in this one hour long backstage video where we do and talk about many trivial things, way beyond ass grinding – although this remains the main theme.

How about my backdoor challenge? His tongue is set for a long haul and my ass can stand the grind, as it seems. One lick at a time. Good that we’re talking. And filming.

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