7 Things A Partner Can Say During Sex That Prove You Should Dump Them — ASAP / Bustle


At MLNP.tv, we believe #realworldsex is the hottest sex there is and that the key to a mutually satisfying sex life is to TALK ABOUT IT! What’s more, we think things like having hair down there and using condoms can be majorly hot, not to mention totally normal, parts of #realworldsex. If you find one of your partners thinks otherwise, it’s at least time to have a healthy chat about it. xo Madam Curator

Written by Rachel Sanoff for Bustle. Originally published on June 16th, 2015.


“Your sex life with your partner can provide a lot of insight into the healthiness of your relationship. Specifically, whether or not you have a supportive partner who is interested in your pleasure. Your partner’s treatment toward you during physical intimacy can reveal a lot about their emotional maturity and, frankly, whether they deserve even a minute of your time. If your partner says certain…

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