Lunch Break in Vienna

You’re accustomed to see me in tight pants or none at all. As much as I enjoy showing off, at occasions I’ll jump in my comfy undercover jeans (spacious enough to forget about them) and a casual blouse (wrapping over a decent bra) for a day of travel, chores and leisure. Oh wait, how can that be?

Consider that I wish to spend mornings and evenings roaming the romantic parks, to gaze at the superb trees and flowers, to have a kleiner Schwarzer cup of coffee at Aida, to stroll the alleys and haste across the rings. In short, to feel like I’m back to college again.

And I did it, when one of my daughters called us to visit and (most importantly) to haul her extra luggage home. So, was it yet another chore? Yes, parents are the best. But was it also a family trip? Yes, brothers and sisters love visiting their siblings. How about an entertaining escapade?

Life taught us to find the fun and amuse ourselves in, and from, what we’re given. This is the key of happiness. So yes! I’ve decided to call it a vacation. What if it lasted less than a day? What if I had to be a mother all the time? What if this or that? Acting like professionals in private, like parents in public, holding hands like romantic lovers do, I had my FotomannΒ (camera at hand) all the time.

Wish you’ll enjoy our lunch break in Vienna.

2 thoughts on “Lunch Break in Vienna

  1. Love to see you naked since you’re poses are beautiful sensual artwork and what do I see here but a very pretty woman with a touch of sexiness and a lot of class having fun……. your pretty smile says it all I am happy with who I am and hope I brighten up some ones day

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