Brain Fireworks

Twas a busy week and it’s not over yet. The tropics have moved beyond the Alps and we’re still moving furniture around. It’s quite crazy in the house but that’s nothing compared to That Crazy World!

Mad mobs almost assassinated two girls for wearing miniskirts on the street. The police arrived just in time to save their lives and (hold your breath) arrested the girls. Similar trouble, related to how much, or how little, skin women “must” expose, is an ongoing topic in certain societies.

Not in Vienna however. It might just be that classic old dualism has its own virtues, in politics as well as in everyday life.

People that have less sex, or overly regulated sex habits, tend to be more judgmental (no wonder) but also less inclined to analysis and introspection (because anyone and anything is wrong and “against” them).

The world is getting even crazier than its appearances. Another reason to celebrate Freedom – like in Independence Day – whether we are on this or that side of the Pond.

The best fire is to be spent on fireworks and the best fireworks are Brain Fireworks!
See that I’ve covered my legs, my breasts, and even my panties, in the sexy wallpaper photo below. I don’t have the courage of the young girls erupting topless on the streets or in Parliaments. I’m old, just sitting and contemplating which is the crazier camp – the topless gals or the bloodthirsty men?

Wish you a Happy and Topless 4th of July!!

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th!

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