No Makeup Dare

Twas yesterday morning. Before 5 am I’ve asked to play with his morning wood (which felt fantastic). After refreshing my hormones, filled with positive energy, I suggested a photo shooting in the garden. It was shortly before 6 am.


The sunshine, angling yellow and warm shades over the fence, had me hurry quickly into the spotlight.

400x-nomakeup-15celsius The thermometer will show you the chills of the shadows, yet not the breeze electrifying my pores and having my nipples erect.

Still, we’re not even close to the challenge of this photo shooting.

As a moderate naturist, I consider that a touch of lipstick and a line of eye contour are the usual norm before I’m about to pose for the camera. But yesterday morning, inspired by the beautiful orgasms, I wished to dare more: to pose with NOTHING on my face! No touch of lipstick! No eye contour! And evidently no (not yet) day cream!

This has been my dare for yesterday: getting out of bed and posing without even ‘staring’ at me in the mirror (as I always do).

Well, I’m a bit curious what would you say about these pics. But I’d also be interested to know what you think about makeup in general. Should women wear a mask at all times?

Layers of ourselves, just like the universe, or an awesome onion?

Layers of ourselves, just like the universe, or an awesome onion?

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