Lemon Water Refill

On torrid noons, a glass of water will taste better with a slice of fresh lemon in it. There are so many benefits of drinking lemon water that I’d rather let you google for it.

No tan lines... CougarBunnies.com

No tan lines… CougarBunnies.com

What really matters is that, when the sun is up on the sky, when the ground is warming under the green grass, it is when I graciously take my birthday suit with me, outdoors, for the next nude show… Having a glass of lemon water in my hand… Sipping at my leisure… Turning around… Spreading my legs for the camera… Stretching my arms to show you my armpits… Tipping my clit with dew from the side of the lemon water glass… Sipping some more… until there’s so little water in it that I’ll need a refill.

Watch this story in pictures at CougarBunnies.com

Watch this story in pictures at CougarBunnies.com

Please pay a closer attention to the mirroring in my sunglasses. The reflections will betray what’s going on in the backstage, where my Fotomann acts, and looks (at least in the mirrors) like a cheerful chimp, enchanted to feed his mate. To provide a refill… It tasted great, by the way… not just the lemon water. My hubby approached to serve me such a delicious dick (in and out of the glass of lemon water).

...or DorisDawn.com ... or DorisDawn.eu -- it's a lemon water craze!

…or DorisDawn.com … or Southern Charms — it’s a lemon water craze!

Just in case you wish to go past my naughty and happily married exposed details, there is a thorough article on lemon water and other detox practices that you must read. It will do no harm but, on the contrary, much good to your health, well being and – how could we forget about it – sex drive. Check out Lily’s BalanceMeBeautiful.com The Innumerous Health Benefits of Lemon Water. You’ll love this read and I am certain that you’ll find many more useful tips on BalanceMeBeautiful.comMmwuahh!!

4 thoughts on “Lemon Water Refill

  1. Doris you are so beautiful sunning in your gorgeous birthday suit…… lemon water does keep you cool and refreshed…….. love to be your cabaña boy massage lotion on your soft beautiful birthday suit to protect such a sweet body

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