#ToplessTuesday Transparent Lace

Today on Southern Charms: I count and undress.

Today on Southern Charms: I count and undress.

Like it or not, someone has to do the counting, to review the budgets, to impose restrictions or allow a spending. Not much fun, so far…

How about with me wearing a pair of white panties, made of transparent lace. Plus a sky blue t-shirt that has been removed from the above image for the obvious reason: #toplesstuesday!

I wear my glasses, at the beginning, because they are necessary to enhance my attention over the digits systematically spread on the paper (this is such a vintage moment, no spreadsheets involved – yet!).

By the way, spreads and sheets! Pretty soon, I’ll forget the pen on the table and, looking for the morning sun, taking my time in the topless phase, will present you a succulent naturist nude show, in my garden. I love getting naked and presenting my assets. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “#ToplessTuesday Transparent Lace

  1. Doris the beautiful flower in the garden …..very pretty in glasses …….love the pose from behind. Sexy lingerie model in lace undoes….. sweetest little breasts so beautiful to hold and caress

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