My Bush Went on Vacation

When was the last time I’ve been shaved down there? Can’t remember… Oh, yes, I was in the hospital, pregnant with twins, when a pair of masterful hands… Standard pre-birth procedure… Seems like eons ago…

I don’t shave my pubic hair! I like it the way it is!

From time to time, I trim – when noticing that the Fotomann brings too much hair on his lips, or stuck between his teeth, impetuously wishing to kiss me. It does not deter his incursions and I don’t mind sunbathing nude (there’s no bikini line in my mind).

But a fan has politely asked if I would pose smooth for him, and for you – the watcher of my intimate details on Southern Charms (or other sites where I post photos).

A challenge for the exhibitionist in me (why not show even more nakedness?).

A dare to my naturist spirit (keeping your pubic hair is more beneficial than one might think).

Planning to part with my beloved bush, with my frisky fur… This is almost part of my nude identity… Quite a decision to make.

And I did it. Monday evening with some strikes of Veet around my clit. Never before in my life have I creamed this close to my cute love button.

Several minutes later, my bush went on vacation.

I’m already missing her… It’s a her?… Must be a her!

This week I’m smooth in the photos, bit cold in the morning, down there, and eager to hear your feedback.

I’ll grow it back! Slowly but surely. And itchily!

Check this page out for other posts on why I love wearing my fur over my birthday suit.

Sharing with you from the early hours feedback.

Bring it back!!!!

Next to your beautiful smile, that sweet hairy bush is the sexiest thing I have seen on the net. Not happy it went away!!! There are hardly any charms with a bush and that is a shame. It is the way God intended a real woman to look like.

Doris posing smooth down there.

Doris posing smooth down there.

6 thoughts on “My Bush Went on Vacation

  1. Doris this is a day to cry….. you are so beautiful with your beautiful natural fur bikini covering your pretty rose petals … me a lady with a beautiful bush is so sexy and beautiful……. that is ok though to me you are still beautiful and sexy….. look forward to the day it adorns your sexy body again…… sweet hugs

  2. Hi Doris,

    I just needed to comment on this subject of your new look. I have always been a fan of your very lovely beauty. I have loved all the hair styles you have ever worn. I even love this one. I am a man who loves a hairy lady, but the bald look shows us something much different. It shows us the true beauty of your very lovely, and very beautiful pussy. Your lovely clit jumps out at the viewer checking out these pictures just waiting to be touched. I understand the pain of waiting for the hair to grow back, as I once shaved myself to see how it would look. I remember all the pain I had as it grew back…


  3. …For the first time we can see the true lovey beauty of your very beautiful flower. Your beautiful clit just jumps out at us just waiting for us to caress it. Please let us see much more before the vacation is over.
    I would love to see more pictures, and maybe even some films with this new look. Let all your fans vote on the look they like best. I know at the end of the day it is still your choice, and your lovely pubes will be back. I just hope both you and Don are having much fun with this look.
    Just keep having fun, and showing us what real love really is. All my love to you, and Don. I hope you are having a joyous summer.

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