Growing My Bush, 1 Week

One week ago, on Monday evening, I’ve waxed my bush away. Today, early in the morning, moments after Don has made love to me, I told him to take some pictures. There’s a light irritation to be noticed, just above my sugar plum!

Like Tuesday morning, and like Friday morning, I couldn’t stand his pounding too much. Compared to our lovemaking from the triumphant times when my natural bush prevailed against our pressing skins, I can say that now I must stop his rhythmical beating much much earlier. I’ve asked him to give me some digits and he said that, on average, what used to be 45 became 15, what used to be 30 turned to 10, what used to be 15 watered down to 5…

He starts and stops at my commands, it’s not about him but about me.

Same goes for his downtown lingual explorations. Even worse! Because his facial hair is usually shorter than the three-days beard. Almost as grinding as my seven-days pubic hair… Unlike his more enjoyable trimmed bush…

In conclusion, after one week smooth, I tell you that my sex life has deteriorated. Doing my best to reach orgasms faster than usually, just to escape the friction. There’s much truth in the statement that pubic hair serves as dry lubricant for sex.

Will keep you posted. Until the next pubic news, check out my fresh photos taken this very morning!

Check out smooth Doris after sex on

Check out smooth Doris after sex on

11 thoughts on “Growing My Bush, 1 Week

  1. Doris, as you know the new look is great, but I wait for the day your lovely pubes are back. It fascinates me how so many can deal without their love hair. Here in the U S A it is the big thing. Young women feel they must be so clean down there. They can’t see a loving God put it there for a very important reason. All the men I talk with tell me hair is gone. Most of their loves are bare. They will never know how wonderful a hairy lady can be. It is so sad that porn has placed this view into their minds. I do hope your post start a dialog into this issue. It would be very educational for us men to understand women’s feeling about their pubic hair. Why they shave, or why they don’t? For those who shave, how they deal with the discomfort afterward? I am sure many have found the way to comfort, but at what cost in products they must use to replace God’s natural friction remover. I hope it brings both women, and men who shave to see the harm they are doing to themselves, and let them see the special gift God gave us in pubic hair. God bless you Doris, and your dear Don for letting us see what real love is. Take care my friends. I look forward to all your future post. Thank You. Your friend Bob

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    1. Hi Bob,
      I love my little fur down there. It even keeps me warm. I never knew until my first smooth morning in the outdoors… feeling the chill unlike the previous morning. But everyone is free to make a choice.
      Think that your observation is accurate: the porn industry has ‘placed a view’ in the collective mind: hairless bodies. Now, if I wish to be different, then why not let my hair grow?
      However, the freedom of choice remains: love your hair?, keep it and enjoy the advantages; hate your hair? shave it and relax.

      PS – Thanks for writing!! 🙂


    1. Hi Mark,
      On and on — to the current posts, I’ll add more photosets in the coming weeks, as it grows…
      Thanks a lot for loving my pics (bush or no bush)!!
      Many hugs,
      Doris 🙂


  2. It should always be about you. Men who want there women shaved dont realize the caressing of the bush while pleasuring her can give different electric excitement to her adding to the pleasure. To me shaved it is all the same….each ladies bush is different and so erotic the way it hides the prize like wearing the sexiest natural bush bikini
    Love you totally natural


    1. I agree with bill but it is the woman’s choice or yours if this is what you desire and your other agrees with you I enjoy making love to to a woman with a bush you can tease her n she can tease you:)


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