Dog Days Diary, in White Lace

Mornings of summer are splendid outdoors (under a chilling breeze) and evenings are good (no breeze). But how about the day? The dog days!! It is when I’ve gotta hide myself in the coolness of the house, trying to read years old mails (from my aunties), writing new ones (to my daughters), maybe a short story (for you), or maybe an idea… that may turn into a story, some day in autumn maybe… on a beautiful golden day. Still, the dog days are upon us… and here to stay a few more weeks.

Have a closer look at this bed. Doesn’t it seem expressly made for lovemaking? Let me have these white pieces of lingerie on me. White! The color that always reminds me of my bridal gown… twenty-seven years ago… Nostalgia… Unforgettable memories… Dog days are so sentimental… When you go living them and when you stay remembering them…

The restless Fotomann of mine wants to photograph my legs spreading… my pearls… my pearls flowing on my spreads… Close ups?… Sure, focus!… Yes, yes, this way!… My clit?… Yes, here… My buttocks?… Is this way good?… Doggie! Of course… What you say?… Ah, more to the sides?… Yes! … Like this?

I love dog days, like any other day!

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