Surfacing Bush, Spermed

Two weeks after waxing my classical and quite popular bush, a new one is surfacing over my pubic area.

This weekend, I’ve got mail from my fan who wished to see me smooth. It’s an exciting and pensive perspective about pussy looks (quite new for me, have to admit). I loved reading it, thus sharing with you just an excerpt.

I have a few photos of two women who I dated and amazingly not only let me groom their hairy bushes but also let me photograph them (without faces) during the trimmings.  For both of them, I think they have exceptionally well-shaped pussies that look better unhidden behind hair. You are firmly in that category as well!

Wow, I see now. It almost makes me feel semi-nude with a bush.  🙂

This Monday morning, I’ve been frugally fucked (on demand), sparkly spermed (with permission) and lavishly licked (by request). As he was slapping and sucking my erect clit (the undisputed dominator of my mons pubis), seconds after my second waving orgasm, the phone rang! Good timing — dunno how mom manages to call and curb my second, or third, yet not my first… Coincidence or not, doesn’t matter. He took the camera to show you my bush after two weeks: all sprayed… (all pics on – freshly posted).

See what's going on... on

See what’s going on… on

4 thoughts on “Surfacing Bush, Spermed

  1. Doris I have to totally agree with your fan you the sweetest rose petals pure artwork without the bush but I really love to see the rose petals tease from under your soft natural bikini….. you are beautiful both ways and so sexy covered in sweetness

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