Wild Doris in HD Infrared

Wednesday night, the Perseids meteor shower was about to peak (so they said, I guess). And because the 37 Celsius in the shadow of the day were not exactly an incentive to start cooking tomatoes with paprika (yes, home-made ketchup), I’ve decided to wake up at midnight.

When done with the kitchen chores, tired and transpired, I took my lover out, under the clear sky, to watch the shooting stars together. It was fabulous, cooling and relaxing. Enough to let my inner cougar roam the night a bit. Exactly this is what Don’s infrared HD camera has captured!

See my smooth pussy, in infrared? I know, I know, hard to notice the young bush to this warm end of the spectrum. Oh, and hope you don’t mind my eyes, should’ve worn sunglasses… But wait a minute: it was dark outside at 3 a.m. Who would wear sun glasses while chasing for shooting stars?

Guess this is a bit of an insecurity: about how strange my eyes look in infrared.

Okay, okay, time to drum the film in — watch me gaze at the shooting stars, in my birthday suit, well, cougar birthday suit, actually nightly cougar birthday suit. ONLY on CougarBunnies.com!!

Doris Dawn moving in HD infrared night vision - on DorisDawn.com

Doris Dawn moving in HD infrared night vision – on CougarBunnies.com

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