The Morning Dew

Couple of hours ago, right out of bed, I wished to feel the dew on the lawn. Called my Fotomann to follow me with his click machine. The only thing that I’ve added to my face, my lips actually, was a touch of lipstick. For contour. No eyes crayon this time – will rant about this new ghost haunting my mind in another blog.

So these are my pajamas. This is how I’ve slept this night (no lipstick, yes). On the nice little bench in the backyard, I pretend to read a few lines from Zorro (once a fan of Alain Delon, always a fan of Alain Delon!), I pick some peppermint flowers for our morning tea, I caress the dew on the lawn (love it) and I undress to pose nude and feel good starting the day. And the weekend.

Have a splendid weekend!!

4 thoughts on “The Morning Dew

  1. no pajamas needed… are so soft and beautiful to cuddle with all night feeling your soft tenderness. A walk through the morning dew would see the awakening of the rare but beautiful Doris flower. have a great weekend.
    Sweet hugs to you and your wonderful cameraman

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